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Archive for May 2015

44: Megan Cain | Creative Vegetable Gardener Website | Madison, WI

Megan Cain From the Creative Vegetable Gardener

Episode 44: Megan Cain | Creative Vegetable Gardener Website | Madison, WI   44. Megan Cain | Creative Vegetable Gardener Website | Madison, WI If you haven’t checked out Megan’ Cain’s Creative Vegetable Gardener website I know after this interview you are going to do it ASAP! This has to be one of the best gardening website’s…

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43. Maribou Latour | Visionary Aquaponics | Sante Fe, New Mexico


Maribou Latour is a permaculturist who is also an aquaponics expert and the founder of Visionary Aquaponics Podcast and a founding member of the New Mexico Aquaponics Association. For the last 11 years Maribou has been asking the question: How do we grow food in the desert? That started her on a path into permaculture, organic gardening, agri-forestry, and…

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42: JIM SWANSON | Llama adventures at the Fantasy Land Ranch | Bigfork, MT

Jim Swanson shares his journey of raising llamas at the Fantasy Land Ranch in Bigfork, MT and raising vegetables in a Montana rain forest climate. Living near the famous Flathead Cherry Orchards on the East Side of Flathead Lake, Jim turns hard work and initiative into a successful life living in Montana’s beautiful outdoors. Tell…

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2015 Gardening Challenge


2015 Gardening Challenge We’re hosting a challenge for you to grow enough vegetables, fruit, or flowers for your household for a whole season. For the first year we are going to say enough for 2-3 months. Estimate how much fruit or vegetables you would eat in that period if you had to buy them at…

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41: Lisa Stewart | Montana Gardener who’s mastered the mountains and the prairie | Eureka, MT


I have a real treat for listeners today as my guest is a dear friend who I have known ever since I very first moved to this area back in 1991 caring for me when I was sick, sharing her food, and teaching me about parenting and surviving in this difficult area. It’s truly an…

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