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Archive for June 2015

55: Jackie Marie Beyer | Host of the Organic Gardener Podcast, Educator, and Watercolor Artist | Organic Oasis in Fortine, MT

The Day I launched OGP (The Organic Gardener podcast :~))

Living at the Organic Oasis in NorthWest Montana Jackie Marie Beyer paints in her garden full of vegetables and flowers. She also host the organic gardener podcast. See full show notes at

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54. Judy Hoysak | Wild Bird-Feeders from Perky Pet | Pennsylvania


Judy Hoysak is the brand manager of Perky Pet Birdfeeders, one of the oldest and largest bird feeding companies in the world. Judy’s here to help listeners learn how to bring more birds into their garden and make it bird-friendly habitat. Tell us a little about yourself. I work with PerkyPets which is one of…

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53: Jim Finley | Master Gardener | Seeds of Hope Community Garden Eureka, MT


Jim Finley runs the Seeds of Hope Community Garden in Eureka, MT which has close to 50 beds for community members to use who otherwise wouldn’t be able to garden. The garden also grows food for the local food pantry and senior center donating an average of 700 lbs of vegetables a year! Tell us a…

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52. Shelly Clark | Educator and Gardener | Butte, MT


Tell us a little about yourself. My husband and I are natives of Wisconsin, both grew up in central and northern Wisconsin, in 2002 we decided we needed a change and we decided to move to Montana, we lived in Superior and then up in Eureka, and now we’re in Butte, we’ve been in Montana…

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51: Marci Hines | Talks about Cooperating with Nature, Growing Honeyberries & Goji Berries & Collecting Seeds| Eureka, MT


Tell us a little about yourself. I’m a Montana native but I grew over on the West Coast in Washington so I’ve got some experience in different types of gardening. Coming here was a definitely an eye opener, because it’s a totally different climate. I’ve been here about 15 years. It’s a challenge, but it’s a lot…

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