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Archive for September 2015

77. Organic Kamut® Wheat | Bob Quinn | Quinn Organic Farm | Big Sandy, MT

Bob Quinn Kamut Wheat

Last week I interviewed Jennifer Hill-Hart from AERO (Alternative Energy Resource Organization)  and when I mentioned my husband and my’s interest in biodiesel she recommended I get in touch with Bob Quinn. So I reached out to Bob and today he is here to share his story about his organic farm in Big Sandy! The Research Center strives to…

Announcing the winner of Megan Cain’s Super Easy Food Preserving Book!

Hi Listeners! I am very excited to announce the winner of Megan Cain’s Super Easy Food Preserving Book! Thank you everyone who entered the contest and I hope lots of listeners signed up on Megan’s Creative Vegetable Gardener Site for her 7 day challenge where over 200 gardeners signed up to take action to make the food from…