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Archive for June 2016

Gardening Crossfit Hall of Famer Joe The Mason May itunes Giveaway Winner Replay

Gardening Crossfit Hall of Famer Joe The Mason

Joe The Mason started out as a listener who connected with me on Facebook and I was able to convince to come on as a guest! He shares some amazing knowledge for a new gardener, but because he is both inquisitive AND a man of action he has taken some great advice from the experts at the local University of Maine, applied them with gusto and is quickly becoming a master gardener in his own right!

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145. Organic Certification | Organic Hand Churned Ice Cream | Em’s Ice Cream | Andrew Silverman | Denver, CO

Em's Organic Ice Cream Cart

Andrew Silverman from Em’s Organic Ice Cream in Denver, CO shares his journey to create an business selling the best testing ice cream he can make.

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Green Future Growers and May iTunes Contest Winners and Summer Contest

Simply Josephine Geranium Red Clay

May iTunes Contest Winners and new June Contest announcement for the Organic Gardener Podcast Giveaway from Simply Josephine.

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144. Honest To Goodness Farms | Audrey Coley | Elizabethtown, KY


Honest to Goodness Farm and Flowers is located in Elizabethtown about an hour away from Louisvilee, KY. This is our first year growing cut flowers for sale at the market.

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143. DIRTRich Composting and Food Scrap Pickup | Alissa LaChance | Columbia Falls, MT

Alissa LaChance from DIRT Rich Composting Compost Business

DIRT Rich provides the greater Flathead Valley’s residents and businesses with easy food scrap pick up and composting service!

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