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Archive for October 2017

replay of 86. Patti Armbrister | Garden and Agriculture Educator Extraordinaire Changing how our schools eat one cafeteria at a time | Hinsdale, MT | Part 2

This episode was originally published on October 8, 2015. Patti Armbrister is an educator and policy changer who looks for positive solutions to producing and eating locally grown food in our schools. She teaches agricultural education in a rural school but is making change that affects our farmers, students, and families as she connects locally grown healthy food with nutrition and education. This phenomenal speaker and farmer who is also a self-proclaimed “beef geek” shares her story of getting recognizable meat and real potatoes into the school cafeteria. Be inspired to make change in your local school district by learning about the wellness committee, food miles, and how change in our food systems starts at home.

replay 134. Gardening A Complete Diet | Grow | Bountiful Gardens Seeds | Jes Pearce

Bio-intensive Backyard Gardening

Jes Pearce is another one of those amazing rockstar millennials who do exciting things while being advocates for the planet and great stewards of our land here today to inspire you with her story! Coming to us from the Jevin’s Center for Research and Education sharing passion and knowledge that’s gonna get you excited to dig in that dirt right now!
The says their mission is to: “is to train people worldwide to better feed themselves while conserving resources” Get ready to here about the bio-intensive 8 step method, crops you can grow for a complete diet in your backyard garden with a little power adventuring thrown in!

194. Diggit Garden Tools | Elena Shemeta | Seattle, WA

Elena Shemeta Diggit Garden Tools

Inventor, entrepreneur and gardener Elena Shemeta shares her garden tool invention journey, once you see the Diggit you’ll say how did I live without it?

Episode 83: 5 Lessons I Learned from Growing Sunflowers This Year

Organic Sunflower Seeds

Jackie Marie Beyer host of the Organic Gardener Podcast shares 5 Lessons I Learned from Growing Sunflowers in 2015 to help you on your garden journey.

210. The Dream Garden For Busy People Book | Kickstarter Campaign | Beata Basta | France

210. The Dream Garden For Busy People Book | Kickstarter Campaign | Beata Basta | France

Beata Basta shares her dream garden journey where she learns from her neighbors on how to do things easier saving time for people living a busy life that want to grow healthy food for their families.