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replay of 135. Greenbuilt Hemp Homes | Jim Savage | Hudson Valley, NY

Since we’re talking about hemp I thought I would replay this interview too! Jim Savage from Greenbuilt Hemp Homes is here to share his dream to change the world by creating a healthier planet for his grandchildren to grow up in. After studying the multiple uses and benefits of the amazing hemp plant for concrete, insulation, food, material and clothing, plastics and paper he took his knowledge of supply.

Replay of 177. Saratoga Farmer’s Market | Market Manager Julia Howard | Saratoga, NY

In honor of the opening of the Farmer’s Market here in Montana this weekend I thought I’d replay this awesome interview I did with Julia Howard from the Saratoga Farmer’s Market in NY last May. Julia Howard is here to talk a bit about the Farmer’s Market process. She’s the Market Manager of the Saratoga Farmer’s Market.