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Archive for November 2018

253. No-Till Farming ~ Nutrient Rich Soil Health Expert| Steve Szudera | BEACH, N.D.


Soil Health Expert Steve Szudera from North Dakota shares his vision to teach others about the benefits of Endomycorrhizal fungi using no-till practices.

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Election Day Get out the VOTE Challenge win Mary Robinson’s Book Climate Justice

Tag me on Instagram or Facebook, send me an email that says I voted and you can enter to win a copy of CLIMATE JUSTICE (digital kindle edition outside US)

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251. Happy Composting in PA | Internet Vs. Wallet | Conner Flynn


Conner Flynn shares his passion for composting, caring for our planet and growing his own food in his Pennsylvania Backyard.

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Mary Robinson on “What we expect from Americans” | Human Rights and Climate Justice


Mary Robinson, author of Climate Justice, former President of Ireland and United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights wrote an essay. Remember to vote.

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Earth Day Play | Get Out the Vote | Our Congress at Work

This has nothing to do with gardening but I thought you would like it anyway. It has to do with the founder of Earth Day and I feel is very timely now as we think about the things in our government that don’t work the way we always want them to, it’s an example of what positive change we can do when we work together.

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