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Bonus Valentine’s Episode 277 with the amazing Mandy Gerth | Lower Valley Farm | LVFarm Academy

Mandy Gerth BCS Tractor Lower Valley Farm Tour

I know you are going to love her because she was our Crossfit gardener of the year in 2015! And you have taught me so much! I love all that you do and your delicious food and what you do! And she’s gonna share their new LVFarm Academy on the

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Happy Valentines 2019! | Marjorie Stoneman Douglas ~ Michael Franti Flower in the Gun | Soil Health Webinar

Valentines Painting

Happy Valentines everyone. Check out Michael Franit Flower in the Gun and Steve Szudera Soil Health Principles Webinar ~ Mandy Gerth episode coming soon!
Happy Valentines 2019 from the

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“How to Grow Nutrient Dense All Natural Organic Food without all the Back Breaking Work or Costly Soil Amendments” | Today live with Steve Szudera we’re co-hosting an online webinar | Register here!

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 11.00.39 AM

“How to Grow Nutrient Dense All Natural Organic Food without all the Back Breaking Work or Costly Soil Amendments” Hey Green Future Grower! Yesterday I released an episode about a great opportunity for my audience this Tuesday, February 12th! Steve Szudera, soil health expert from Table Top Farmer, will be presenting a live webinar on…

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My Bad! Soil Health Webinar not on Facebook!! | Green New Deal | Lee Camp and Infrastructure Banks

Lee Camp and Ellen Brown

Steve Szudera is going to teach a much more in depth class on building your soil health Tues he’s going to give a webinar on the 5 Principles of Soil Health. Click here to register Also if you want to know about the Green New Deal Blitz and finally if you are interested in infrastructure banks check out Lee Camp at
Thanks always for listening!

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262. An Edible Education | Whole Kids Foundation | Nona Evans

Nona Evans Whole Kids Foundation Team

We’re just so passionate about having a garden in every single school because we know if we teach kids from the time that they’re young where their food comes from and the importance of mother nature
we will have several next generations of

healthier eaters
better consumers and our
environment will benefit
Nona Evans from Whole Kids Foundation share’s their journey and what they can do to help get a school garden in your school.

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