Organic Popcorn Love

My favorite recipe this winter is organic multi-colored popcorn with avocado oil, Braggs aminos and nutritional yeast. Yumm!

2018 Garden Journal and Data Keeper from the Organic Gardener Podcast

The 2018 Garden Journal and Data Keeper is designed to help you create your very own organic oasis using the best practices to help you produce nutrient dense food in the most efficient and effective matter. A place to record your garden journey including the weather, temperature, as well as recording your produce needs. Where the data junkie in you meets your creative side. Fun and record keeping at the same time in an enjoyable place!

For New Listeners an Updated About Page Post

We have some new listeners and I, Jackie Marie Beyer thought I’d introduce myself to the Progressive Radio Network audience or if you’re new to the Organic Gardener Podcast. I put the audio to this at the end of episode 213 with Megan Cain!