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127. Aquaponics – Green Walls | My Food | Kevin Morgan-Rothschild | Paris, France


At the Ag expo n Paris was this amazing greenhouse full of the coolest aquaponics set up and that’s where I met Kevin Morgan-Rothschild from My Food! read more at

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49. Liz Kim | Genesis Clock Farm | California Organic Gardening and Aquaponics

Jason, Liz and Isabelle run Genesis Clock Farm a little startup farm that focuses on sustainable living, education and urban farming with aquaponics! Aquaponics is a recirculating water system wherein the water you put into your fish tank flows through to your vegetable beds over and over.  You end up using 98% less water, grow crops considerably…

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43. Maribou Latour | Visionary Aquaponics | Sante Fe, New Mexico


Maribou Latour is a permaculturist who is also an aquaponics expert and the founder of Visionary Aquaponics Podcast and a founding member of the New Mexico Aquaponics Association. For the last 11 years Maribou has been asking the question: How do we grow food in the desert? That started her on a path into permaculture, organic gardening, agri-forestry, and…

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