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131. Beekeeping Education | Tamarack Apiaries | Lisa Foley | Kalispell, MT

Lisa Foley from Kalispell, MT is here to tell us about her new beekeeping supply and education business. What I love about Tamarack Apiaries is that they are really focused on the environment and helping the people who purchase their hives be successful. They don’t just sell you bees and send you packing they help with everything from setting up the hive …

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121: Biodynamic Farming and Treatment-free Beekeeping | Jacqueline Freeman | Friendly Haven Rise Farm • Venersborg, WA

Jacqueline Freeman treatment-free beekeeping

JACQUELINE FREEMAN from Friendly Haven Rise Farm is a pioneer in the emerging field of natural beekeeping. She is a featured speaker at conferences for organic and treatment-free beekeeping, permaculture and sustainable agricultural. Read more at

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76: Honeybees, Bee Rescue and Bee Education | NJ | Daniel Sentor


Daniel Sentor runs the website full of information about honeybees, bee rescue and education and you can also find out how to become trained as a beekeeper yourself.

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BONUS EARTH DAY EPISODE!!! 37. Heather Wood | Urban Evergreen Bee Sanctuary | Community Compost Collection | Olympia Washington


Meet the amazing Heather Wood saving the world one compost pile and bee hive at a time as she shares her journey to connect communities and show what living locally looks like. You’ll be truly touched by this mothers passion and commitment to the environment and world she lives in as she peddles compost from…

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14: Kavita Bay | Rivulet Apiaries & Hindu Hillbilly Farms | Alberton, MT


Kavita Bay shares her story of gardening and raising bees in NW Montana at the Rivulet Apiaries and Hindu Hillbilly Farms. Tell me about your first gardening experience? Early 20s. 38 raised beds. What does organic gardening/earth friendly mean to you? Simply not using anything synthetic…taking care of the soil – biodynamic Who or what inspired…

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