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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

167. Grow Ohio Valley | Black Swan Organics | Danny Swan | Wheeling, OH

Farmer's Market Mobile Food Truck

I know you are going to love this guest from Black Swan Organics and Grow Ohio Valley, a nonprofit organization working to improve food justice in Appalachia. Grow Ohio Valley is working to fashion a new economic landscape, one offering increased prosperity, improved health and a better environment.What a great guest to follow up after Jean-Martin Fortier because Danny Swan is basically doing everything JM Talked about and growing delicious nutrient dense food. A great educator and farmer you are going to love this episode as much as I did!

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Replay of 111. Certified Naturally Grown Program | Amazing Heart Farm | Elizabeth Weller | Orrtanna, PA

Healing Work • Healthy Eating • Sustainable Agriculture • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) • Naturally Grown Certification Program Elizabeth Weller shares her success and passions at the Amazing Heart Farm.

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140. Certified Organic Inspector, Flower Farming, Events, Farmcast, And CSA model | Willoway Farm | Jacqui Fulcomer | Fredonia ,WI

Jacqui Fulcomer Willoway Farm

Jacqui Fulcomer talks about being an Organic Farm Inspector, CSA model, Flower Farming, Events, her Farmcast and much more in this episode.

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