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Montana Update | Herb Challenge | Herb Gathering 101| Gardening Podcast Shoutout


Montana Update Hey there listeners! Hope you have been enjoying family week here at the Organic Gardener Podcast. Many podcasters talk about their “I Made it Moment”, and one of them is always when their family members learns what a podcast is! My brother of course has been listening to podcasts for years and is…

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28: Kelly Ware | Permaculture Global | Bigfork, MT

Kelly July 2013

Kelly took her PDC, permaculture design course in 98 with CRMPI Central Rocky Mountain Perm. institute, and also with Michael Pilarski. Kelly has been a constant podcast listener for the last 2.5 years starting with Paul Wheaton of, Scott Mann of (Of which I have an interview with him Feb of 2014 on permaculture and the Kingdom,-Christianity) with Jill Cloutier.…

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24. Ben Capozzi | Master Gardener and Permaculture Newbie | South Boston Area of Virginia


Ben is a Vegan, and a Master Gardener in southwest VA practicing permaculture. Currently Ben works as the Planetarium guy at the local science museum, but has also worked as a graphic designer, educator. Tell us a little about yourself. Ben and his wife live in the sw Boston area of Virginia. It’s a Zone…

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