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Pest control

218. Organic Mosquito Control | Brown Bread Mozzie Kit Company| Brandi Stupica | Alma, Michigan

Brown Bread Mozzie Mosquito Control Kit

I am super excited to introduce a forward thinking entrepreneurial visionary who is here to tell us about a problem that you have probably had or know someone who has had from the Brown Bread Mozzie Kit Company. And Bonus she’s a Rockstar Millenial!

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196. Gardening Know How blogger | Kristi Waterworth | Fort Worth, TX

Gardening Know How Blogger Kristi Waterworth

I found Gardening Know How blogger Kristi Waterworth when I was researching Harlequin Bugs and found this great article she’d written and so I asked her to come share with us today!

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176. DeerBusters | Importance of Deer Fencing in Gardens | Kailyn Bingaman

DeerBusters serves homeowners, gardeners and farmers alike with the highest quality deer fencing materials for lawns and gardens.

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29. Peter Jordan | Seed Haven | Ontario, Canada


Tell us a little about yourself. Peter is a retired chemical engineer from the hi-tech software sector. He’s been gardening for about 30 years, until about 3 years ago had only perennials in gardens. He has 10 different gardens now spread out across several acres. Peter developed a custom software irrigation  system to manage the diverse eco-climates that…

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