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Sustainable Agriculture

202. OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY | youtubers | Northern Missouri | Part 2

Off Grid With DOUG and STACY youtube channel

OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY are youtubers who basically post daily videos about their daily life. They built a log cabin in 90 days from scratch. Built it with no carpentry skills. They have an organic garden with raised beds. They use the Back to Eden method. This year they built a greenhouse to extend their season.

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Replay of 126. Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farms | ANASTASIA COLE PLAKIAS | Brooklyn, NY

Green Jobs at the Farm on The Roof Brooklyn Grange NY

The Brooklyn Grange is the leading rooftop farming and intensive green roofing business in the US. ANASTASIA COLE PLAKIAS shares her book for entrepreneurs.

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198. Three Fiddles Farm | Bozeman Farmer’s Market | Matthew Broughton


Matthew and his wife run Three Fiddles Farm in Bozeman Montana where they grow healthy organic food for their family, customers and Red Tractor Pizza! Although the sound is frustrating Matthew drops so many golden seeds in this episode you won’t want to miss it! Sorry about the sound.

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186. Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life | “Where good Stewardship meets economic gain” | David Montgomery | Seattle, WA

David Montgomery and Anne Bikle

David Montgomery chronicles the stories modern farms “Where good stewardship meets economic gain.” in his book Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life

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Winner of the Independent Homestead Book!

Independent Farmstead Book Winner

It’s April 29th 2017 and I am going to announce the winner of the book  The Independent Farmstead: Growing Soil, Biodiversity, and Nutrient-Dense Food with Grassfed Animals and Intensive Pasture Management And the winner is: Vicki from the Website Vicki’s Garden Tips in Beautiful Idaho! Shawn and Beth Dougherty wrote this amazing and informative book…