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192. Organic Healthy Life | Author and radio show host Nancy Addison | Dallas, TX

Organic Healthy LIfe Nancy Addison

Nancy Addison’s speeches, radio shows, & books focus on maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit, starting with nutritious, organic, nutrient dense food.

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177. Saratoga Farmer’s Market | Market Manager Julia Howard | Saratoga, NY

Saratoga Farmer's Market

Julia Howard is here to talk a bit about the Farmer’s Market process. She’s the Market Manager of the Saratoga Farmer’s Market.

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130. Great Fruit Tree Pruning Practices | Simply Trees | Russ Metge | Salt Lake City, UT


Russ Metge from Simply Trees is here to share his journey as a business owner where he does’t just prune trees but also educates his clients on the Good Cultural Practices for Fruit Tree Pruning Care in Salt Lake City, UT.

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122: Pamela Lund | Planet B Harvest | Sunflower Greens and Pea Shoots | Kila, MT

planet b harvest

Planet B Harvest provides fresh and healthy produce grown in beautiful northwest Montana, as well as products made with locally-sourced ingredients. Read more at

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65: James Brake, Krysta Carmack and Greg Horn | My Growbot | Kauai, Hawaii

GrowBot Title Image

Tell us a little about yourself. James Brake is creator. I’m born and raised in Mississippi and spent a lot of time on my grandfather’s farm. Was a very technically oriented kid. Went off to travel in the world for a number of years, always stayed in computers, but always had multiple home gardening projects including hydroponics to…

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