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Welcome to the Organic Gardener Podcast!

Teaching you how to create
your very own organic oasis!

Do you grow a garden each year? Do you just love the taste of a homegrown tomato in summer? Are you disappointed with the produce in your market in the middle of winter? Does the price of organic vegetables at the grocery store make you cringe? Mike and I are dedicated to helping you build your very own Earth Friendly Garden that produces the most nutrient dense food you can with the least amount of time and energy.

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Ever wonder what an organic oasis consists of? Do you if you live in an organic oasis? Get our free checklist and start builiding your earth friendly landscape and/or organic garden today!

Twelve Lessons designed to help you create an earth friendly landscape, some deep garden beds full of nutrient rich healthy food or perhaps even develop a natural market farm.

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Get our Garden Journal and Data Keeper on Amazon here and record your garden journey one week at a time. Keep track of weather, recipes, planting dates and harvest days. Keep records of everything all in one place building success stories for years to come! Start any day of the year.

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