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Archive for May 2015

49. Liz Kim | Genesis Clock Farm | California Organic Gardening and Aquaponics

Jason, Liz and Isabelle run Genesis Clock Farm a little startup farm that focuses on sustainable living, education and urban farming with aquaponics! Aquaponics is a recirculating water system wherein the water you put into your fish tank flows through to your vegetable beds over and over.  You end up using 98% less water, grow crops considerably…

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Episode 48: Nancy Oliver | Little Homestead in Boise blog | Boise, ID


Tell us a little about yourself. My husband and I live in Boise ID, in a main urban part of town, on a standard lot. There’s just the two of us, we have three kids who are grown and live in the area, 1 cat and 3 chickens. For the last ten years we have…

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46. Linda Shanahan | Registered Nurse & Herbalist | Barefoot Botanicals and Barefoot Gardens, PA


Linda Shanahan, Proprietor of Barefoot Gardens a small scale community-centered farm based upon biodynamic and organic farming methods. Linda’s work as a Registered Nurse combined with her training in traditional herbal practice and herb production also led to the start of Barefoot Botanicals which specializes in medicinal and culinary herb production as well as farm based herbal education. Tell…

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47 Bonus Episode: Carol Blake | Millions Against Monsanto March | May 23, 2015


Carol Blake is a local activist and environmentalist here to talk to us about the Millions Against Monsanto March. It’s an event that was first held in 2013, worldwide that is being held in over 330 cities this weekend on Saturday May 23, 2015. To protest Monsanto taking over our food supply with Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs.…

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45. Joyce Pinson | Friends Drift Inn | Appalachia, Kentucky


Joyce Pinson from Friends Drift Inn Farm shares real life stories about heirloom gardening, cooking, food preservation, successful farmer’s market sales and farm-to-table community agriculture. See Full Show Notes at

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