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Archive for August 2015

76: Honeybees, Bee Rescue and Bee Education | NJ | Daniel Sentor

Daniel Sentor runs the website full of information about honeybees, bee rescue and education and you can also find out how to become trained as a beekeeper yourself.

75. David Cohen | Genesis Kitchen | Artesian Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegars | Whitefish, MT

Genesis Kitchen is dedicated to helping people make educated food & lifestyle choices. Their product selection is based on their commitment to extremely high quality food. They have found several small producers and distributors that source fair-trade ingredients from small growers. Their tag line says “This way we know where, when, and how our food was produced…

Episode 74: AEROMT | Jennifer Hill-Hart | Helena, MT

Jennifer Hill-Hart AERO ex Director

I’m the executive director of AERO, this is our 41st year, we’re a state-wide non-profit in Montana dedicated to growing sustainable communities. We’ve done a variety of programs over the years. We started out of the energy crisis in the ’70s, when a lot of environmental and non-profits, and other groups were fighting fossil fuel development. But no one was really talking about alternatives, the proactive side of how we power our systems. So AERO got started by a group of folks who wanted to help show people how to say yes to alternatives! And so, it took off from there.

They started out doing this new Western energy show where they traveled to communities, and they parked their bus and did a bunch of skits on why alternative energy is important, education curriculum, policy work at the legislature, and then started doing workshops and research opportunities.

73: Gardening CrossFit on the Banks of the Penobscot River | Joe The Mason | Orono, Maine

Gardening Crossfit Hall of Famer Joe The Mason

Gardening CrossFit Hall of Famer Joe The Mason started out as a listener who connected with me on Facebook and I was able to convince to come on as a guest! He shares some amazing knowledge for a new gardener, but because he is both inquisitive AND a man of action he has taken some great…

My first interview! | With Green Cleaning Coach Leslie Reichert | Green Cleaning

I had my first interview with Leslie Reichert the Green Cleaning Coach! It was so fun to share my story! I talked about cooking squash flowers and making peppermint spider spray! I hope you’ll listen and check out her website! Leslie Reichert, “The Cleaning Coach”, is a nationally-recognized green homekeeping expert dedicated to educating people on keeping their homes, schools and…

72: Jamie Todek | Gardening and Designing at the Lone Oak Farm | Oxford, MI

   Jamie Todek is a listener who reached out to me and with a little coaxing is on the show today to share her gardening journey which is just beginning! Jamie shares her struggles, successes and passion for creating not just a place to grow food but caring for our planet with intelligence and care. Graphic…

71: Backyard Gardener Extraordinaire – from the Daisy House | Mary Frances Harris | NorthWest • NJ

Today’s episode is a friend of mine from New York where I grew up who I reconnected with on Facebook and is here to share her wealth of knowledge about gardening along the banks of Lake Hopatcong in NorthWest New Jersey!

70. Megan Cain Returns | Make Your Garden Harvest Last All Year 7 Day Challenge | Fall Planting

70: Megan Cain Returns | Make Your Garden Harvest Last All Year 7 Day Challenge | Fall Planting Learn how to sign up for Megan’s Make Your Garden Harvest Last All Year 7 Day Challenge! Starts on Sunday August 23rd! September is the height of the harvest season. It’s the intersection of a lot of the summer crops are…

Lower Valley Farm Tour | Thursday August 13, 2015 • 6:30pm | Kalispell, MT

Two weeks ago at the Kalispell Farmer’s Market I met Mandy from the Lower Valley Farm when I bought the most delicious cauliflower! When I asked her if they would do an interview on the show she agreed and we connected on Facebook. I saw that they were having a garden tour and asked her husband Jay…

70. Arlee Farmer’s Market | Growing Effectively and Efficiently for Farmers, Markets, and Tasty Cooking | David Wolverton | Arlee, MT

Arlee Farmer's Market

I met David at the Missoula Farmer’s Market back in June and we finally connected. His expertise is going to teach us so much about growing food for yourself as well as how to grow for other farmers as well. His passion, knowledge and incredible successes will inspire growers to enjoy the harvest of their gardens all year long! And how to do it efficiently and environmentally consciously using the most effective tactics he’s learned for success after many years of gardening in Montana’s challenging climate!