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Archive for November 2015

101. Don Tipping | Seven Seeds Farm and Siskiyou Seeds | Southern Oregon

Don Tipping runs Seven Seeds Farm and Siskiyou Seeds producing fruits and vegetables and raising foul, goats, pigs, honey bees and sheep in Oregon. Visit our for full show notes.

100. Bill McDorman | Saving Seeds | Cornville, AZ

seed-saving Bill McDorman

Bill McDorman has been growing his own food and saving seeds for years. Along with his wife Belle Star they now run where they work to promote regional seed saving and locally grown food. They recently started a Seed School where they teach people all around the Rocky Mountains and the rest of the nation about the importance of saving seeds as well as how to do it. To learn more see full show notes at

Back To The Classroom Schedule Change

Please visit our website because I just got a new site redesign I was saving for episode 100! Please sign up for our email and you will get updates delivered directly to you plus I will be starting a Facebook group after the new year that will be fun and full of valuable gardening tips as well as a place to connect with other listeners and trade gardening challenges and successes!! I wanted to let everyone know that the schedule is going to change one more time back to one episode a week released on Mondays until about Valentines Day while I fill in for a teacher who had a baby at my local school.

99. Ron Hanson Returns | Fair Judge | Eureka, MT

Ron Hanson is here to share tips about how to select entries for the fair, but he shares some successful growing tips you won’t want to miss as well. See full show notes at

97. Missoula Urban Demonstration Project | Ellie Costello | Missoula, MT

The Missoula Urban Demonstration Project otherwise known as MUD was establish in 1987 to demonstrate that sustainable living in an urban setting is possible. Their feature service is a Tool Library where members can borrow over 2000 tools to help with home and garden projects. The also offer a variety of educational workshops that helps community members learn how to complete many domestic projects.
See Full Show notes at