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Archive for July 2016

149. Neighborhood Gardeners of Idaho Facebook Group | Richard Mata | Nampa, Idaho

Richard and Sara Mata

Richard Mata is a listener and member of the Organic Gardener Podcast Facebook Group and he is here to tell us about his gardening journey in Nampa, Idaho! Richard is a great experimenter and inspirer and shares his passion for creating a greener world while growing some great tasting food!

148. Sustainable Dish | Diana Rodgers | Boston, MA

DIana Rodgers Sustainable Dish

I’m excited to introduce a fellow podcaster, Diana Rodgers from Sustainable Dish. Sustainable Dish, and she is a nutritionist so she is a little more like me as her husband is the farmer and does more of the gardening type of work. She is going to talk with us about the more nutritious part of eating healthy food.

Natural Rodent Repellent for your Garden and Eureka Farmer’s Market Garden Photo Contest

Eureka Farmer's Market Photo Contest

Learn a method to rid your garden of gophers, ground squirrels etc without having to use poison and learn about our local garden photo contest.

147. VegPlotter | Growing an Allotment Plot | Richard Lewis | United Kingdom

Richard Lewis VegPlotter

Richard Lewis created and developed the app VegPlotter that allows you to drop and drag your garden for efficient use of your garden space. This works for planning as well as documenting and recording your data from year to year, so you can analyze your results helping you save time to enjoy your garden! Richard also shares some secrets to his successful gardening journey like growing squash to reduce weeding!

146. Alfrea Local Sustainable Food Grown to Order | Patrick Mullin | Northfield, NJ

Patrick And David Alfrea Founders

Patrick Mullin is here to share his service connecting farmers with markets, wanna-be-gardeners with land, and customers with local fresh produce! Alfrea is a revolutionary new sharing site designed to connect people with local, sustainable food, grown-to-order. We are building a groundbreaking portal that will connect people who want to grow their own food with people who have land and expertise. No time to garden? Then we’ll connect you with hyperlocal producers. Now that’s fresh.