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Archive for September 2016

replay of 89: Claudia’s Mesa | Cooking Local Lentils & Pulses, Meats and Vegetables | Bozeman, MT

Claudia's Mesa Lentil Cooking

Claudia is a Colombian-born, Montana chef and home decorator. Claudia’s approach to food and decor is a mash-up of global inspirations using Montana-grown and -raised products, and creations from local, talented artisans. She cooks, teaches, and produces condiments and seasonings out of her colorful business, Claudia’s Mesa, which brings a slice of Latin America, the Caribbean and Mediterranean to Montana You can schedule a Mesa dinner, sign up for a class, buy her seasonings and condiments, find recipes, and read about her new creations at Claudia’s Mesa.

replay of 87: Rosie Goldich | Opportunity Link and Abundant Montana’s Local Food Website | Havre, MT

Food Corps Rosie Goldich

Rosie Goldich works with Opportunity Link, Inc. as an AmeriCorps VISTA. She is currently working on several food security initiatives, such as a food security assessment and working with Alternative Energy Resources Organization on their Abundant Montana project.

156. Gina Kane | Second Chance Podcast | Coquitlam, BC

Gina Kane Podcaster

From Coquitlam, BC, Canada Gina Kane drops golden seeds on how to grow a healthy nutritious garden of tomatoes and vegetables to feed your family easily.

155. Painted Mountain Open Pollinated Corn | North Frontier Foods | Dave Christensen | Big Timber, MT

Dave Christensen Painted Mountain Corn

Painted Mountain has the colors of the rainbow and the antioxidant qualities that come with those many colors. Dave Christensen shares his breeding work.

Growing Organic Tomatoes Tip | AERO correction | Sound Problems

Kathi O'Leary Garlic Field

Correction to Interview with Naomi from Moxie Farms about AERO Expo interview this year. Sound problems and finally, while listening to Kathi’s replay I heard her share this great tomato growing tip and I know someone in the Organic Gardener Podcast Facebook Community just asked a with question about this the other day! Someone who just moved to Montana or a colder climate… I had forgotten about this tip:

“Another tip from a Mennonite farmer out of Bonner’s Ferry that has to do with tomatoes, in this climate it’s challenging to get ripe tomatoes on the vine, but if you stop watering in August it kind of forces the tomatoes to. Would cut back a little, and then by mid August pretty much stop.”