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Archive for October 2016

Top Ten Episodes of Organic Gardener Podcast: replay of 143. DIRTRich Composting and Food Scrap Pickup | Alissa LaChance | Columbia Falls, MT

Don Rosenberg and I spoke a lot about healthy soil in your garden in episode 157. I thought replaying Alissa’s episode about composting and healthy soil might inspire people as well and complimented that interview really well.

157. Instant Organic Garden | Don Rosenberg | North Carolina

157. Instant Organic Garden | Don Rosenberg

Don Rosenberg from Instant Organic Garden teaches how to grow enough organic food for a family of four easily with little work or space. And we all know I love easiness because we are all so busy out there! So welcome to Don Rosenberg from Instant Organic Garden I was so honored when you sent your books. I think it’s a fit for my listeners who I call Green Future Growers because we’re all looking to grow a greener future so whether they grow a small box sizer backyard garden like me or a giant mini farm like my husband I know you’re gonna help us make it easier.

Replay of episode 92: Neva Hassanien | University of Montana Environmental Studies (EVST) Program | Missoula, MT

Neva UMT EVST program

I connected with Neva at the AERO Expo after hearing the EVST students sing her praises! Neva brought the EVST (environmental studies) students from the University of MT who are more of the amazing millennials who are making positive changes in our world today.