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Archive for August 2017

190. Texas Organic Gardening | Oma Garden | Organic Gardener Podcast

Oma Garden Sunflowers

I am thrilled to introduce my guest today because I had a listener who had some questions about gardening in zone 9 in Texas and I reached out to some gardeners in Texas and here is Oma!

189. Beginner’s Garden Podcast | Journey with Jill Blog | Jill McSheehy

Journey with Jill

Jill McSheehy is here from the Beginner’s Garden Podcast and the blog Journey with Jill to share her gardening expertise.And believe me she drops some golden seeds in this episode!

207. Farm To Temple | Affordable meal prep delivered to your door Kickstarter | Raven Temple

Farm To Temple

Farm-To-Temple Affordable Meal Prep Delivered To Your Door Step Kickstarter and service. Owner Raven Temple shares her journey on the Organic Gardener Podcast.

Homegrown Humus Organic Gardener Course and Study Group

Homegrown Humus: Cover Crops in a No-Till Garden (Permaculture Gardener) (Volume 1)

Do you want to improve your soil fertility? Would you like to learn more about cover crops? Join our Humus building organic garden course study group.

Replay of 8: Pattiann Bennet | St. Michael’s Episcopal Church | Eureka, MT

PattiAnn Bennett shares her extensive gardening knowledge including growing flowers, perennial tips, making kale chips and living in Montana.