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Archive for January 2018

Replay of 78: Frugal Green Girl | Mom, Educator and YouTube Gardening Pro | Northern Colorado

Jamie Todek who was on episode 72 recommended as her resource the Frugal Green Girl on YouTube and so I immediately reached out and today we are here with none other then YouTube Gardening and Natural Lifestyle Expert the Frugal Green Girl!

Replay of 73: Gardening CrossFit on the Banks of the Penobscot River | Joe The Mason | Orono, Maine

Gardening Crossfit Hall of Famer Joe The Mason

replay of Joe The Mason’s original interview back in August of 2015. He drops lots of golden seeds for a fairly new gardener but he puts his all into everything and his lessons are large!

Replay of Episode 19: Elizabeth Leonard | Earl’s Kitchen Gardens | Creating Gardens for Backyards and Schools on Long Island, NY

Replay originally published on Mar 9, 2015

220. Asa Adams Elementary Greenhouse | Shaping Green Future Growers | Joe the Mason Returns | Orono, Maine

Joe the Mason Greenhouse coordinator and awesome Elementary School custodian returns from Orono Maine to tell us about the school greenhouse he cares for, and the pollinator garden he’s going to create this spring with a grant from the Audubon Society! As well as his pickling successes and many other golden seeds! You won’t want to miss this episode!

211: Hydroponics Garden of Eden Kit | Hope Innovations | Ryan Agrey, Alberta, CANADA

Hey listeners just an update, the original file of this had a space in the beginning for like 23 seconds… I fixed it now so if you refresh or delete and reload this should come up as episode 211 and be correct! SORRY! Another Rockstar Millennial is going to be my featured guest today to talk to us about his business Hope is a new up and growing hydroponic business who has developed an indoor garden that will grow anything you wish, anytime of the year, anywhere. Does not matter the size of your place,season it is or the type of plant. It is an easy affordable system that gives anyone the opportunity to grow their own healthy chemical free food.