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Archive for February 2018

Replay of episode 167. Grow Ohio Valley | Black Swan Organics | Danny Swan | Wheeling, OH

Farmer's Market Mobile Food Truck

Danny Swan is one of those rockstar millennials I love. Definitely one of my favorite interviews that will inspire you from last february 4th! I know you are going to love this guest from Black Swan Organics and Grow Ohio Valley, a nonprofit organization working to improve food justice in Appalachia. Grow Ohio Valley is working to fashion a new economic landscape, one offering increased prosperity, improved health and a better environment.What a great guest to follow up after Jean-Martin Fortier because Danny Swan is basically doing everything JM Talked about and growing delicious nutrient dense food. A great educator and farmer you are going to love this episode as much as I did!

213. Super Easy Food Preserving with Megan Cain | Quick Techniques for Fresh, Fridge and Freezer Storage | Bonus Episode

Super Easy Food Preserving Book by Megan Cain

I originally published this Sept 6,2017 but its supposed to be episode 213 and since I uploaded 215 today I thought it was a good time to replay it. I might play some of Megan’s other great interviews too! I asked Megan if she wanted to come back and talk with us again about her amazing book Super Easy Food Preserving Quick Techniques for Fresh, Fridge and Freezer Storage. Some of my favorite features in the book is she has a great worksheet right off the bat where you start strategically thinking about your garden needs. I always love worksheets and checklists! And it’s full of questions I wouldn’t think of necessarily like “What foods do I want to eat out of season? What tastes better when I eat them during the local growing season?” learn more at

44: Megan Cain | Creative Vegetable Gardener Website | Madison, WI

Megan Cain From the Creative Vegetable Gardener

This episode was originally published in May of 2015. Always good to hear from Megan Cain from the Creative Vegetable Gardener!

215. Three Hearts Farm | Rachel Hicks | Bozeman MT

Three Hearts Farm Family

They named 3 hearts farm after a Native American tradition You have a heart, I have a heart and the relationship has a heart so 3 hearts of the relationship. Rachel Hicks shares her family’s journey as market farmers in Montana.

228. Beginners Garden Shortcut | Jill McSheehy Returns |

Beginner's Garden Shortcut

Jill McSheehy created something that someone who was brand new to gardening could walk through step by step ~ the Beginner’s Garden Shortcut.