Cabbage Rosettes | an Organic Gardener Podcast Recipe from Mike’s Green Garden

Organic Cabbage Rosettes recipe

Cabbage steaks that i like to call cabbage rosettes! They are so pretty aren’t they?


Organic Cabbage Rosettes recipe Organic Cabbage Rosettes recipe Organic Cabbage Rosettes recipe

Slice cabbage 1 1/2″ thick,


Organic Cabbage Rosettes recipe 

brush olive oil (n garlic if u like i didnt have garlic on mine) on both sides and bake at 400 for 30-40 min…


Organic Cabbage Rosettes recipe


I like them roasted pretty dark so they kind A  of caramel… Mmmm they had a really hot spicy flavor as well so be prepared for a hot tongue too! Yummy delight!!

Mike made these for me and they were sooooo good! I posted on Facebook but thought people might like to read about them here!

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