350. Maximize Your Photosynthesis | Daniel Mays | Frith Farm | Maine

Read the unedited computer generated AI Transcription here. Order Daniel’s book and write him a 5star review while supporting the OGP here: Here’s my interview with Daniel Mays on January 1st from Frith Farm. Frith,I want to say is the English word for friend? Oh my goodness. This man drops golden seeds. He just wrote The No-Till…

347. Growers & Co. | JM Fortier | Quebec, Canada

JM Fortier ~ Grower’s & Co. Welcome to the Green Organic Garden. It is Wednesday, December 16, 2020, and I have the most amazing guest on the line, the world renowned gardener, he’s going to rock us with his new venture Growers & Co.here today to talk to us isJM Fortier, welcome to the show…

216. Seeding Square | Jennifer Pratt | BC Canada

Seeding Square Group Plant

Here’s the RAW episode of my interview with innovative Seeding Square inventor Jennifer Pratt! I edited while driving today so the show notes are a bit raw to say the least. And I cut out a few major mess-ups in the audio but other then that it’s just live! www.organicgardenerpodcast.com