136. Small Scale Life | Tom Domres | Minneapolis, MN

Tom Domres of Small Scale Life teaches how to live a healthy life, through gardening, weight loss, frugal living while having some fun and adventure. We talk a lot about gardening, the latest piece that we have aded is the frugal living piece my wife is taking charge of trying to make our budget work and make our dollars stretch, I’m plugging in with that to, so we’ve got a lot of content coming and we have a lot out there. www.organicgardenerpodcast.com

96. Alison Parker | Radical Root Farm | Healthy Soil and Permaculture Success from Food Forest to CSA | Libertyville, IL

The Radical Root Farm is a small family farm located in Libertyville, Illinois north of Chicago. Radical Root Farm has a unique story because they got started by graduating from the Farm Business Development Center at the Prairie Crossing Farm and the Liberty Prairie Foundation.
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