The GREEN Organic Gardener Podcast December 2019

Are you wondering why we are rebranding ourselves as the GREEN Organic Gardener Podcast? Listen here to learn what’s new! Get ready for our first episode as the Green Organic Gardener Podcast where Jeff Lowenfels author of Teaming with Microbes, Teaming With Nutrients and Teaming With Fungi and his new book on DIY Cannabis, from…

111. Elizabeth Weller | Amazing Heart Farm – Certified Naturally Grown Program| Orrtanna, PA

Elizabeth Weller Amazing Heart Farm Naturally Grown Certification

Elizabeth Weller is here to share her amazing and bountiful journey from a religion and philoophy major who danced between the two worlds of farming and social work finding a balance where she can help people nourish their bodies and heal their spirits. A new mom of a beautiful little girl this year she is helping at the student Painted Turtle farm at Gettysburg college or helping with the CSA at her own Amazing Heart Farm where they work on building community through healing work, healthy eating and sustainable agriculture. She is also an active board member of the Certified Naturally Grown Program. Full show notes at