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211: Hydroponics Garden of Eden Kit | Hope Innovations | Ryan Agrey, Alberta, CANADA

Hey listeners just an update, the original file of this had a space in the beginning for like 23 seconds… I fixed it now so if you refresh or delete and reload this should come up as episode 211 and be correct! SORRY! Another Rockstar Millennial is going to be my featured guest today to talk to us about his business Hope is a new up and growing hydroponic business who has developed an indoor garden that will grow anything you wish, anytime of the year, anywhere. Does not matter the size of your place,season it is or the type of plant. It is an easy affordable system that gives anyone the opportunity to grow their own healthy chemical free food.

127. Aquaponics – Green Walls | My Food | Kevin Morgan-Rothschild | Paris, France

At the Ag expo n Paris was this amazing greenhouse full of the coolest aquaponics set up and that’s where I met Kevin Morgan-Rothschild from My Food! read more at

49. Liz Kim | Genesis Clock Farm | California Organic Gardening and Aquaponics

Jason, Liz and Isabelle run Genesis Clock Farm a little startup farm that focuses on sustainable living, education and urban farming with aquaponics! Aquaponics is a recirculating water system wherein the water you put into your fish tank flows through to your vegetable beds over and over.  You end up using 98% less water, grow crops considerably…

43. Maribou Latour | Visionary Aquaponics | Sante Fe, New Mexico

Maribou Latour is a permaculturist who is also an aquaponics expert and the founder of Visionary Aquaponics Podcast and a founding member of the New Mexico Aquaponics Association. For the last 11 years Maribou has been asking the question: How do we grow food in the desert? That started her on a path into permaculture, organic gardening, agri-forestry, and…