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Top Ten Episodes of Organic Gardener Podcast: replay of 143. DIRTRich Composting and Food Scrap Pickup | Alissa LaChance | Columbia Falls, MT

Don Rosenberg and I spoke a lot about healthy soil in your garden in episode 157. I thought replaying Alissa’s episode about composting and healthy soil might inspire people as well and complimented that interview really well.

143. DIRTRich Composting and Food Scrap Pickup | Alissa LaChance | Columbia Falls, MT

Alissa LaChance from DIRT Rich Composting Compost Business

DIRT Rich provides the greater Flathead Valley’s residents and businesses with easy food scrap pick up and composting service!

Episode 57: Peter Ramos | Strategic Gardening in the Suburbs | Long Island, NY

Peter Ramos has been gardening on Long Island’s temperate climate for almost 20 years, and has learned many methods for being effective and efficient with a busy family life. He’ll share successful strategies for creating healthy compost, planting perennial beds that look beautiful and enhancing the landscape and some trials and tribulations of growing trees.…

BONUS EARTH DAY EPISODE!!! 37. Heather Wood | Urban Evergreen Bee Sanctuary | Community Compost Collection | Olympia Washington

Meet the amazing Heather Wood saving the world one compost pile and bee hive at a time as she shares her journey to connect communities and show what living locally looks like. You’ll be truly touched by this mothers passion and commitment to the environment and world she lives in as she peddles compost from…

Episode 23: Cathy Nesbitt | Cathy’s Crawly Composters | Toronto, Canada

Cathy Nesbit Cathy's Crawly Composters

Cathy is a worm advocate environmental education business with a focus on worm composting and organic diversion. Cathy is all about food security, waste management and doing it naturally. Her amazing list of awards for her environmental activism can be seen at her website as well as tons of information about vermicomposting and how it…