133. Holistic Fertility Creating a Super-Hero Baby  | Dr. Katherine Zagone | Solana Beach, CA

Dr. Katherine Zagone create a super-hero baby with holistic health

Dr. Katherine Zagone from The Holistic Fertility Method talks about the benefits of following an organic diet and how eating healthy can make a difference in your life and how parents can work together to eat the healthiest way to create a super-hero baby!

  1. not enough of the good stuff
  2. too much of the bad stuff
  3. disregulation in the system

Re-instilling the human power of nature.

  • food
  • sleep
  • movement
  • mind body connection…

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Environmental Working Group


One of my best friend Dacia from Simply Josephine and she sprayed something in my hair the other day that smelled so good and she makes soap, and it always smell goods in her house and always drinking water with the mint and cucumbers. 

LemonEucalyptus OrangePatchouli

She just wrote a blog post on Grapefruit cleaner! And her house is spotless! 

Two of my favorite herbs

Rosemary and dandelions are actually 2 of my favorite things to play with!

Growing up we had a lot of rosemary in the garden and when i lived in AZ in medical school it was growing all over and it’s

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant so 
  • anti-aging
  • stimulates circulation to the brain
  • helps with memory

Good for the heart and the brain!

SuperHero Babies…

What we’re learning now with a branch of science brand new called epigenetics where you can turn those genes up and down, so we want to turn up the good genes and turn down the bad genes.


if you were going to create the healthiest baby you possibly could a couple would want to give themselves one 2 two years to prepare. The healthier the parents are the healthier the baby is gonna be

First thing

do the nutrition stuff, 

  • lots of organic veggies
  • super clean meats
  • free range, 100% grass fed for all the beef if they’re eating meat
  • lots of
  • eggs need to be
  • fish

if you can get your own chickens, that would be great as well, I know not everybody has save for

farmer’s markets are high quality food.

wild salmon

anything farmed is going to be full of chemicals, mercury, which is a heavy metal and it has the wrong ratio of fats

  • a lot of the good healthy fats

salmon is a great way to do that because it has a lot of omega 3s

unfortunately if you get  farmed salmon and not wild salmon

fatty acid profile is off


ewg.org website you can read all about the different types of chemicals in farmed fish

what type of fish are great and not great. Then they also have another for the

cleanest and the don’t have to be organic, the dirty dozen never want to eat a bite of those

these toxins regulate the bad genes

hormonal imbalance

genes that affect hormones

a lot of the plastic studies

moms who have higher levels of chemicals in their systems


  • misformed genitals to varying degrees
  • early puberty of girls


these couples want to start a year in advance,

  • do a full clean-out
  • avoiding as many toxins as possible.
  • getting own health in order

if mom has an autoimmune system

dad has a heart condition already, things we want to get under control right away, from the time an egg and a sperm about 4 months from when they are released to greet each other

other things we can do to enhance the quality of sprem and eggs

have all the eggs we will ever ovulate there are ways to improve the quality and how many eggs we are maturing, there are things we can do even though typically in the past science has thought that this is the way it is. So we get

  • mom and dad are healthy as possible
  • sperm and egg as healthy as possible.

then you are getting not only

a beautiful

healthiest expression that you have

man and the woman

dad is contributing as much genetic info

when the mom is healthier the pregnancy is typically easier

lower rates of complications during pregnancy and labor as well.


so much enhancement! There’s so much that we can do for our own health for the experience of brining a child into this world and setting that child up for life!!!

if we could set a couple of hundred dollars in the bank and setting that child up for an amazing retirement, everyone would do it! I’m a big advocate of everyone bringing children into the world in the healthiest most conscious way that they can…

So we know we want healthy organic food …

Make sure were getting healthy fats,

  • omega 3s
  • avocados
  • olive oil
  • hemp seed oil

avoiding the vegetable oils

I love hemp seed oil it has a really nice ratio of omega 3s and 6s

seeds are really good too a good source of fiber…

If you could tell listeners anything you would like them to do to be healthier is there anything we haven’t covered?

Mind-Body Aspect

that’s something I work on a lot with my fertility couples and some with my general patients

beliefs the way life is

they cause us stress

physiology because of how our hormones respond to mental or physical stress

number one thing everyone should do

every single study

  • shows that it lowers inflation
  • improves mental function
  • improves focus
  • faster healing time
  • cool tests
  • on aging

Telomeres beneficial affected by this therapy anti-aging

Meditation cheapest easiest thing has the most broad spectrum


Let’s wrap it up …

Love sharing who to share

  • how important to eat healthy organic foods,
  • how to make super hero babies
  • using rosemary for memory

That also my be how I graduated at the top of my class. Give it as a gift.

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