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It’s Wednesday August 16th, and it’s my last official day of Summer Vacation! I know I haven’t mentioned Rodan + Fields in forever because I joined and went right back into the classroom and didn’t have time to focus. But I have to say I love their products. To learn more shoot me an email and I’ll connect you with my friend Jessica.

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Farm-To-Temple Affordable Meal Prep Delivered To Your Door Kickstarter

This is the RAW episode, I’ll try to edit asap.

I’m excited to speak with people

my stamp on how I’m trying

Farm To Temple

My business is called Farm to Temple – My maiden last name is Temple

a hiatis with the name

Basically we offer meal prep

  • We cook the food in our kitchen
  • locally sourced
  • Baltimore, DC, and North Virginia area
  • obtain all of our produce and our meat from local farms, butchers and bakeries.

The Menu changes every week

Order Online in quantities  of 5, 10, 20

We deliver it to your house every Sunday and Monday.

  • You just refrigerate it, heat it up in go!
  • If it can be organic it will be organic. 
  • If it can be locally sustained it will be.
  • It’s delicious food that’s clean and portion control so you don’t have to worry about cooking throughout the week!

I’m gonna back up a little. You know what I love about the twist on your name is people are gonna look at my body’s a temple and it’s putting your personality into it!

it’s really I really think your body is a temple

I started this company. My undergrad in biz management. I was working there for 4 years. A really long time! OK I need to step my millennial back! 

It’s such a long time, basically I never was a gardener. I worked with a garden. I’m from Stocktan, California. My grandmother was one of those.

  • very agriculutural
  • fruits and vegetables in the backyard
  • cooked, cleaned, homemade from scratch food.

Like most millennials and went to college and didn’t eat so well and I basically got really sick.  I was diagnosed with Lupis eventually they wanted to put me on a lot of medicine. I was against that.  I really just started into dig deep into

  • how do you heal yourself
  • how do you live a preventative lifestyle and how to cure a chronic illness without taking a lot of medicine. 

I got my Masters in alternative medicine with a concentration in nutrition.

Reinvented myself through food and lifestyle changes.

That’s how the company came about!

I’m always telling my grand-daughter Masters before marriage, mostly because I want my masters!

I know now adays

the food industry

nutrition industry

calorie counting is one of the biggest ones people stick to

if I eat a 1000 calories a day going from eating 2500. Yes, that will help and drop the weight, but you can eat 1000 horrible

nutritional counseliong 101

I’m all about eating organic food.

truly makes a difference

genetic makeup of what you’re putting in your body!

If you’re eating a tomato that’s not really a tomato is it giving you the benefits of a tomato!

It’s better then eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger of course!

Because your body is a temple and it’s the only body you have

clean means not the minimum calories clean means it hasn’t traveled overseas to get you

grown in your own backyard. That truly makes a diffenece in how you feel.

I just talked to this other millennial who has a business called Ritzfit. They have this kind of like Costco, you subscribe and get access to clean food. Same thing he talks about organic doesn’t always mean the best. I cut in here to add that Leanna Tu   talked about clean food was a study that showed that food picked in season really has the most nutrients.

I love your nutrition background. I’ve very excited to talk to you. Sticking to 2000 calories is too hard, so I need to boost my exercise! I’m not gonna eat less calories, I love food too much. I need to push up my exercise to keep my calories it’s the only way I have successfully lost weight but you can stick a lot of junk food in there.

I definitely agree, minimizing calories can help but is it going to stay off?

like you said if you’re not working out consistently and doing a total lifestyle change!

Nowadays people want a quick fix!

Don’t want to change their whole life,

They don’t want to eat healthy


work out


drink water

They just want to do one of the above

perfect person

your body is synergistic

you can not do one and get the results. People they make look amazing, but it doesn’t mean they feel amazing! They might be tired all the time or be depressed. 

That’s something I’ve been learning for people my age I need to do more strength training. I did get my Run meter out and in 2014 I had run or walked 260 miles this year I only had 30 miles in, so in the last 2 weeks I doubled it up to 35. 

That’s what I love about your business. When I go back to school next week, I’m not kidding I had kids in my room from 7:30 am til 6pm. I didn’t have time to even pour the water into the jar from Organifi and shake it up!

That’s kind of the aded bonus your body you can’t just do one thing in order to feel good and look good. That’s what I waned to bring to the table. I want it to be an all encompassing good food company. 

Not only am I feeding people good food but I’m using my

  • culinary background
  • nutritional background
  • supporting other businesses
  • supporting local

I want to say something similar and piggyback on what Mark had said, that’s 100% correct

Especially in this country, it will be mislabeled the govt that surrounds is not as organic you might be paying a markup for organic and may not be organic. 

So what I am, I am pro local! Because that makes the biggest difference


my product

her produce came from this farm

live in Maryland

you can drive and see if their chicken’s really are

Maybe it might not be certified organic because getting that label is very expensive

who ever has the most money will buy it. 

Maybe your local farm cant afford certification but you go to the local farm and see their practices are amazing! 

I talked with Elizabeth from Amazing Heart Farm about the Naturally Grown Program.

What I want to ask you is tell us some food that you are cooking! Give us some recipes and let’s get the listener’s mouths watering!

Farm to Temple Mediterranean Lentil meal

This week I just changed the menu

I like to keep a couple of Vegan options

you can choose whatever package you prefer!

This week were doing a VEGAN lasagna

it’s amazing!

  • uses plant based ground beef
  • tofu
  • wheat noodles, regular lasagna noodles
  • vegan cheese, plant based vegan cheese
  • I don’t get into soy I like to keep it more plant based then tofu
  • tofu get it organic, make sure it’s the highest quality

On the non-vegan side

Farm To Table Sausage and Sweet Potato Fries

Locally Italian sausage from Meat Crafters here in Baltimore with sweet potato fries!

cajan shrimp with a watermelon feta basil salad.

Chicken with potatoes Farm to Temple

barb-b-qued chicken

couple of vegan dishes if your vegan

Farm to Table Korean Beef Bowl

beef and broccoli

vegan buttered broccoli


the one thing I’ don’t really use often I try to stay away from dairy. I use it in baking. I love the way dairy taste. But I feel a lot of people have a lactose intolerance.  I try to stay away from a lot of gluten as well. 

Here’s a suggestion for listeners who want to go more plant based. Honestly there is always a substitute for everything. 

Vegan Taco Bowl Farm To Temple

We have a Vegan Taco Bowl

same ingredients normally a protein substitute

use it with the vegan beef. I literally prepare the exact same way.

If you want to go plant based, or say I’m not gonna eat meat for a couple.

I love that that’s a great way to start. I’ve wanted to go Vegan for years. I’m not even an official vegan, we eat fish. You know especially Salmon runs, and once they turn red their gonna die right away. So why let that go to waste. One of my most popular episodes is with Kim Romeril about cruelty free living.

YES! that’s what I want to do! That’s what my aspiration if your going to eat meat why not get it from a local farm where you can see their practices are a little bit better.

You can see their raising the cattle and more love involved

plant treated horribly

Im not anti-meat. I like to switch it up!

I enjoy food a lot

I enjoy exploring different flavors

I don’t think I could be totally vegan but if you are going to eat meat I say try to eat as un-cruel, or cruelty free … also your not wasting food. 

This way you know your food is prepared. It’s a lot more sustainable on the environment.

Farm to Temple Website

Farm-To-Temple Affordable Meal Prep Delivered To Your Door Kickstarter

Trying to expand to DC and NOVA, north Virginia expand to the whole DMV

need to obtain a new kitchen, because anyone who knows this area knows the commute can be  3-4 hours depending on the time of day.

So it would be best to have a kitchen and more staff down that way. 

you can go to Kickstarter and to Farm-To-Temple Affordable Meal Prep Delivered To Your Door Kickstarter

Anyone from this area and wants to support and see our company grow!

You can follow me on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook.

I post about

  • recipes
  • our vendors

Different Pledge opportunities

Because I’m a holistic nutritionist I can give meal plans as well.

We’ve been in business almost 2 years. We are trying to take this to the next level. I want it to be a household name. Theres a market for it because we live in a food desert here in Baltimore. I want to change the way DMV eats and maybe down the line it could be a franchise for other markets. I would appreciate any support.

What does one meal cost? I’m looking at these delicious meals.

We don’t do ala carte. We only deliver on Sundays and Mondays

delivery drivers deliver it to the houses. We don’t have a kitchen that’s our own we use an incubator kitchen. Goal is when we have our own kitchen we will have pickup times people can buy their own meal. Goal is about $9 a meal! We don’t have the actual 24/7 kitchen yet.  

let’s leave listeners with a desert! What’s your favorite desert to make?

What I fixed last night!

Peach cobbler

Webber’s Cider Mill Farm

got some peaches

bruised ones I got a big box for $6 chopped them up

  • vegan with coconut
  • bitters you put in old fashioned
  • regular sugar
  • honey
  • amazing
  • dough-batter

everything rise to the top….

anything with fruit pastry

Farm-To-Temple Affordable Meal Prep Delivered To Your Door Kickstarter

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