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Mike the Gardener Enterprises was founded by Michael Podlesny, a 3rd generational home vegetable gardener and published author of the book Vegetable Gardening for the Average Person, who has been vegetable gardening himself for nearly 40 years. Mike`s vegetable gardening tips and tricks have been featured in newspapers, magazines and blogs around the world. He has also appeared on ABC and NBC talking about vegetable gardening and Mike the Gardener`s Seeds of the Month Club

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Tell us a little about yourself and your amazing channels and things! You have a lot of things going on!

Too much at times

Obviously gardening is my big passion I have been doing it now for 40 years

led to the website

I started the show as a podcast where it was audio only and like you you get to bring guests on and then it grew from there

about almost 2 years ago we started the youtube channel for the vegetable gardening show doing some basic tutorials, and with advancement of tech we were talking about affair made it easier to do the interview and it’s comes out as a video as well

I love it! 

We do 3 shows a week.

love talking to other people about gardening it’s a big passion of mine! 

It is amazing! That you’ve been able to do all that. For me just keeping my podcast going and doing the interviews is tough! So congratulations on putting out all that content! 3 shows a week! Wow!

I got this Podcast Workbook and it says to go to Google Trends and it says that the majority of people are googling or searching for garden beds, or raised beds, or raised garden beds! In the top 10 out of 15 searches?! That surprised me to learn this weekend.

That’s interesting – raised beds, I guess it is and it isn’t

Some people would do raised beds because someone told them to do it

other people where you are

Here in NJ

 we have clay soil

garden in the first season

  • inexpensively you can build up
  • compost
  • topsoil

things like that

overall as a trend it’s interesting to learn.

To be honestly IDK if that’s my site, I was looking at teaching later when I wasn’t logged into the organic gardener podcast and nothing came up at all for gardening so maybe it’s just my site.

Tell me about your first gardening experience?

When I say 40 years the first 10 of those I was just a wee little kid. I got it from my dad

started about 5-6 years old my earliest recolection before that my dad said I would just play in the dirt, sort of that as a kid that’s a good place to start. 

I just remember growing a few things, radishes, my dad was picking them 30 days later as a kid I remember that’s a quick win

I’ve been doing it ever since then every year I would learn a little more from him

married in my own house and picked up basically half my property is a garden and the other quarter is chickens is a whole other topic

I love growing different things

Maybe you do this as well, you have a certain number of things you grow every year

learn new techniques whether it’s a new vegetable or vegetable variety. That’s what I love is that no 2 gardening seasons are the same

over the 40 years that’s my expereinces. That’s my quick recap

That’s true. My husband Mike his goal is to grow enough food that we really love to eat like potatoes and green beans and broccoli, he grew these heirloom purple radishes he never grew before and also some fava beans as a cover crop he never grew before so it’s true no two seasons are alike and I think that’s hopeful for listeners who are like you and could talk gardening all day long!

What does organic gardening/earth friendly mean to you?

It’s interesting when people hear organic, they think of this process where they are basically planting stuff and you don’t do anything and look at it and hope it grows! To me it’s sort of what everybody is doing at home anyway


most synthetic fertilizers are using natural techniques for weeding – whether your handpicking, or using from JM Fortier – the cover tarp

  • not using a lot of things to disturb the soil
  • no synthetics
  • pest control you want to
  • plant a lot of different
  • ecosystem

works in harmony with one another

that sounds impossible

I’ve talked to guests who were able to do it in one season

get that eco-system built up

grow food because you want to eat it


take to our local food pantry

We want to safe and healthy for those around us

You’ll never see me label it as organic and you really can’t because there is a  certification

comfortable when 

I love that answer, I’ve been trying to define my niche in my podcast, I just keep coming back to that building an organic oasis, building an ecosystem, caring about your environment,  it’s about more then just caring about your vegetables, I was just making an outro, if you want your neighbors to plant like you do, reach out to your local community or college radio station.

I think my listeners are gonna love what you’re saying you’re dropping tons of golden seeds! I want to hear about JM Fortier’s technique.

This was a fascinating technique

I was doing an on location show at Kranzhill Farm which is in Deleware

John Detwiler

He was giving me a tour of the farm

He runs I think it’s 3 acres

takes these big black tarps

occultation covers – that’s what he calls them 

  • They allow water to go through the tarp
  • water and air but not sunlight
  • lay this tarp out
  • water, air is allowed in so all the weed seeds germinate
  • surface of the dirt after they break down
  • no sun, they end up dying

really clean way of getting rid of

organic farm

no tilling

did some more research on it


I invited JM Fortier he is not the pioneer of this technique but he gets the most credit because he put it in his book Market Gardener: A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming. 

It explains exactly how to use it

saw it alive

  • saw this field
  • pulled the tarp off of
  • completely clean
  • then he plants
  • more of the weed seeds
  • plants are so big
  • shadow out

It was an absolutely amazing technique!

You’re probably not gonna use it if you have a couple of 4×4 raised beds it might not make sense to put that time and effort in!

If you have a 1/4 acre or more

  • large
  • beds garden beds

its a great technique

I forget he’s out of Montreal or Toronto – one of those two cities

highly recommend it

I have read that book like 3-4 times and I still haven’t got a full grasp of it all. I was thinking of doing a study guide. I want to say he’s in between Montreal or Toronto. I interviewed him a few years ago, and he is by far the most donwloaded. 

But I think it’s like you said, he’s out there educating people and he’s just passionate about growing a lot of food in a small area and teaching people and my listeners are that kind of person who have a whole backyard garden etc.

My listeners

They have really big gardens and have been gardening for along time for the most part! Although I’m getting new listeners all the time so who knows?

Who or what inspired you to start using organic techniques?

It actually started with my grandfather

grandparents were origianlly from Poland. My grandfateehr was a coal miner and when thye shut it down he moved to NJ which is hwere I ‘, from. 

His technuiques when he was gardening I would just watch him, that’s how they did it wasn’t called organic

he had great tasting everything so why wouldn’t I do it that way and my dad was the same way!

  • they would do basic gardneing
  • rows and columns,
  • no fertilizers they would

my dad loved to fish!

The only fertilizer they put in their garden was the fish waste that he caught

really good soil with that!

learning more

I realized

  • it’s ok to plant a lot of flowers
  • learning
  • building on that just a lot of the things

yeah, brought me to today with a lot of things that I would do.

So fish waste, if listeners are worried about putting fish waste in the compost? Because my mom gets raccoons or rabbits, she’s over where you are on Long Island do you have any recommendations for listeners on how to not worry about pests getting into your compost etc? Did he bury it, I know someone talked about the 3 sisters thing.

What he would do is actually bury deep holes just put it all in a hole and burry it.

We’re in Trenton

we had oppossoms.

a raccoon was rare

in the city

didn’t have a whole lot of that

south of trenton now

more raccoons and foxes

I like to do,


people can protect

fish waste in a t

other things I’m gonna bury trench composting thing I put a piece of fencing over the top of it

That works for me

I did it without the fence and they dug up my hole the next morning.

so I put a piece of fencing over the top

technique for about 4-5 years

Once the

  • raccoons,
  • fox
  • possums

figure out the fence I’m in trouble.

What happened at our house is the chickens and squirrels jump over the fence, but that’s different your talking about fence like netting laying on top right? That’s actually what Mike does to keep the rooster out of our regular garden. 


Tell us about something that grew well this year.

This year! I’ll tell you what ~ It’s been phenomenal!

Strawberries are amazing I’m picking maybe a pint of strawberries

4×4 bed of strawberries

I just have been getting a ton

The interesting thing is the birds are snacking on them too

strawberries amazing this year!

only thing

asparagus is just ok, not phenomenal


kale I always do well with every year – this year I’m doing no different with the kale

kohlrabi from Mike

The great crop ~ kohlrabi

part of the cabbage family

Looks sort of like a small cabbage

looking in amazement I don’t think I’ve ever grown a crop so nice

eventually half to do it! I need to take pictures of it for a week

8 of those and they are within 2 – 3 days before I can really pick them. 

kind of what’s right now


  • will be tomatoes
  • peppers stills small
  • haven’t had a lot heat, once the heat kicks in. 
  • The cucumbers have started up the trellises so soon.

My mom has had a lot of rain… have you had a lot of rain?

rain is the bad 4 letter word

raining over the weekends

You work all week and then the weekend is to get everything done

Yesterday was nice, it’s pouring outside

On the flip side she said then it gets really hot, I’m a little nervous cause I’m headed to NY on Tuesday, what the weather’s gonna be like. 


I just did a blog post on kohlrabi, I was writing up looking at a Martha Stewart post you can do almost anything with that because someone was asking how the heck do you cook that? Soups, and putting in stews, raw, on salads. 

Yeah! One of the ways I was gonna consume – one is put it in a stew I like to make

eat it raw chopped up in a salad with the kale I’m growing

If I went online and typed in kohlrabi recipes I’m sure i’d get exotic recipes etc. 



I wanted to ask you, but what kind of kale are you growing, because IDK where I picked it up but Kale has like 10 times the nutrients of spinach?!  Maybe not 10 but it is so much more nutritious. I found I like Lucinto Kale in the store better and we also had kale come back from last year, it seemed like that was a big tip for me to come up in the spring?!


I have 2 kinds going

red Russian

curly leaves you mentioned but has a reddish tint to it

not really red but that’s the best way to describe

went to the store and bought kale they would probably hate it.

The kale home grown and tasted

  • better flavor
  • anything else to it
  • better when you grow it at home

To cook recipes

  • raw
  • sauté a lot of it
  • eggs
  • chickens that we get

Talking about planting in the fall, harvesting in the spring

left over red Russian kale seeds

Put in

  • sept
  • oct

coming up

let them go through the winter

not touch anything see what happens

You had contact with long island and know it was really cold this winter

We got a ton of snow

I was getting nervous

that season passed

WINTER Surviver

  • all just popped right back up
  • tasted amazing!
  • I thought thought that winter
  • take your advice
  • get some gardening done
  • season like ours
  • spring
  • plant some kale

I was so surprised I was like why is everyone so into kale because I don’t really like the taste of it, but this spring it was so good! Mike keeps laughing at me because I keep putting the flowers in bouquets I feel like they make the irises pop!

Is there something you would do different next year or want to try/new?

this year,


Burpee seeds sent me a couple of different hybrid seeds to try out

Atlas Beefsteak Tomato

2lb tomato

just amazing

This particular hybrid is to be grown is to be grown specifically in a container on a patio

I thought I’ll take that challenge, I have 3 of them growing.

very healthy right now

good month away

see if we can get the 2lbs they said it could grow


confetti peppers

around a little while

smaller peppers

but they are gonna be all different kinds of colors at the same time

Looking forward to growing them!

never grown either

new to me!

  • 5 of those pepper plants
  • 12 inches tall
  • hasn’t been hot enough to take off

Usually mid July they double in size every day so I am not concerned about them

I love tomatoes and peppers!!!

You could probably make a whole pizza or tomato sauce, jar of salsa from one tomato! I guess, I just keep thinking boy it’s gonna be heavy!

I had concerns with having too much contact with myself with somebody at Burpee

too much assistance

I want to do it on my own see if I can do it

doesn’t have the man power

I want to be able to do it and tell people you really don’t need assistance because it’s gonna work this way!

stake and already propping them up, I imagine if you don’t do something it’s gonna damage the plant.

I think this is awesome, a lot of my listeners are interested in Urban gardening so something they can grow in a container or on their apartment what’s that thing called? (duh! Balcony?~)

Tell me about something that didn’t work so well this season.

I thought it under control the rabbits got me again this year. 

I planted some swiss chard

  • 9 beautiful plants started from seed
  • fenced in

2 baby rabbits made it in! They had a field day with what used to be my swiss chard

low ligt

too many setbacks

I used to have a dog that would keep the rabbits in check as far as he was fierce towards little rodents as far as those that came in the zone.

he would protect my garden! 

I have another dog and he is the friendly, happiest dog so he probably plays with them!


thought I had it, because I thought I found the hole and every year I put fencing up around my beds

  • really good job with my beds
  • found their way in
  • get into the smallest crevices
  • swiss chard plants

we had



Critters is a huge problem, last year Mike planted me these beautiful giant massive brocolli plants, and these squirrels just pooped all over it. Idk, I didn’t eat any of it, because I was afraid, I think I ate too many things about manure too soon and I thought I can’t eat this just popped on but couldn’t I have boiled it. 


Last year, Mike planted this mini-farm and put straw down and we got voles, so we got 3 cats last summer! 


  • IDK where these cats came from
  • we had these stray cats
  • cat had a littler
  • dropped this
  • appeared out of nowhere
  • cats
  • 4-5 cats
  • roaming around
  • mole problem
  • moles everywhere
  • kept in check
  • rabbit problem
  • hawks come in
  • different predators
  • rodents
  • cats were picked up
  • moved to the shelter
  • hawks didn’t
  • more then I’ve seen
  • bad as it was 7-8 years ago
  • every other year its weird
  • ground hog move in
  • appear out of nowhere
  • lives under the shed
  • 20 miles away drop off in the forest
  • only one way to get rid of them
  • trap them
  • take them away
  • every 2 years
  • ground hog probably the worst problem but it’s not a huge problem

We’ve had a skunk problem, it might have been a badger, that got his cat and one of our ducks. Mike managed to get rid of it by boxing it in and then finally let it out and closed it up and it never came back.

Let’s take a minute to thank our sponsors and affiliate links

free organic garden course.com


Good Seed Company Seeds

The Good Seed Company

Now Let’s Get to the Root of Things!

Which activity is your least favorite activity to do in the garden?

I would say,  one of the tasks I personally dislike is the pre-garden season clean up

grow to the end

don’t move anything

looks unsightly

leave it in there  the reason behind that

don’t want to leave beds

  • with erosion
  • weed seeds

At the beginning of the following year when I do have to clean all that up

  • lot of work
  • sizable area
  • once I get that cleaned up
  • gardening season kicks in

Then that excitement comes back, I’ve gotten a lot better about spacing time out and not doing it all on one day!

I think

it’s tough to do

rain and bad weather

flip side of that it’s allowed me the space out what I needed to get done

It was just the way it worked out because I’d get ten minutes today then it’s pouring

got it all done in the time frame and I’m not just exhausted

I think Im gonna do more going forward

  • a couple hours this day
  • a couple of days later
  • do a half hour

morning before heading off to the office

good an bad with that

dislike the pre-game in the gardening world

I can totally relate, Mike’s been busy working on the mini-farm. I went down now that school finally got out this week, I went down to the garden beds, and have been pulling up some old weeds, and dead stuff still laying there.


I do kind of get some cleaning the chalk board satisfaction of neatening it up. I did want to ask you about the birds come-strawberries have you seen that thing going around facebook of the rocks painted like strawberries?

I have seen that rock painting. I haven’t tried that technique. Have you tried it?

I haven’t ever tried it. Mike says the birds eat our strawberries and cherries so it would be awesome. I should try it. 

If you can get strawberries to grow, not htat they are difficult but the animals do love them

It’s been great in my garden this year, Im getting a lot

Im growing a lot in general the birds taking their share , I like that as long as I get mine. 

It’s amazing that you have so many other birds aren’t coming in. The other thing about strawberries is they have a lot of pesticides on them and I noticed that I chose strawberries a lot from our fruit and salad bar so I must really like them.

Dirty Dozen

They’re part of what they call the dirty dozen  aren’t they. the ones that get the most spray because of pests and insects things like that.


If you love strawberries, I highly recommend that you attempt to grow them.

I was gonna say I am always amazed you get from fruit trees, and bushes etc. 

We have blackberry bushes

doing pretty good since we got them and this year there are already hundreds and thousands. There are so many on bushes this year we probably won’t even notice if they take any

a lot can happen in the next 30 days before they ripen.

That’s the other thing, they are kind of like a native plant or perennial that comes back.

What is your favorite activity to do in the garden?


No just kidding!

favorite activity

after everything is in

sort of self sustaining

where I’m not doing a whole lot

I love just stepping back and looking at the garden

seeing the work

looking at it is all worth it!  A lot of people say 

  • I like when you can harvest
  • and theres a prize at the end
  • But I like to just step back lush and green!
  • growing the way you had mapped it out!
  • I did more planning this year in years past

  • growing different things

and it’s coming out even better then I had on the paper I planned

Every morning I take a walk around feed the chickens

peacefulness of that is what I enjoy the most. 

Well, my listeners know my favorite thing is to just paint in the garden, Mike’s more the garden so I can totally relate. How big is your place?

I live on a half acre


Burlington NJ

fruit trees half the property

chickens and shed

garden tools

not large like you have

intensive gardening

square foot gardening to grow a lot in a small area. I yield on the size of things to grow more of them. 

if I was up to me, I would have no grass but I have a couple of kids that like to play in the yard!

Do you have any suggestions for people in the suburbs that want to get chickens.

I would recommend if you want to get chickens

don’t over think it

versatile creatures

  • good housing
  • feed
  • water

check with your town ordinances

  • chicken craze sweeping
  • Maybe you can only have 6
  • some don’t allow you to have rooster

Even if you just get 2-3 and then if you realize you love it get more!

lot of fun!

don’t over think it they are really tough creatures

Yeah! our rooster sleeps outside under a tree. I kind of stayed away from the chickens for like the first 10 years, when we finally let them out in the forest, and even though mike was right and said the fence keeps them protected, and the rooster marches them around the big fence like the cartoon rooster. 

What is the best gardening advice you have ever received?

Man! Great questions!

The best advice again I think was don’t over think gardening

I know it sounds very basic, 

I had, I  spoke with Joe Lamp’l, I know you did too, and I spoke with him on my show as well

One of the great tips he gave me

if you go to a forest

no one is maintaining the forest

you can do a lot of work to make it look nice

  • if you just let it go
  • it will just go
  • try not to over think it
  • it will be successful


a lot of times

I will do my gardening

get that right

plants are probably gonna grow


great climate

IDK if that’s why it’s called the garden state

research that

I think it’s the climate

  • never get super hot like in
  • bitter coldness
  • pretty fortunate in that sense

Joe Lamp’l

it’s gonna grow

I think that’s great advice because I have heard so many people lately say, I could never grow a garden, that’s so hard, I could never do that, I have a brown thumb! So I think that will inspire them!

A favorite tool that you like to use? If you had to move and could only take one tool with you what would it be.

My favorite tool to use is the garden tiller

  • chicken pen to loosen up the soil
  • compost it out

If I had to pick one tool for everything. I would pick a 


used by my grandfather who gave it to my dad

  • keep it in my shed
  • keep it sharp
  • turing over my compost pile
  • turning over a garden bed if I am going to let it rest for a year

heirloom and sentimental value

Well, sentimental reasons would hit the top of my list but good to know it’s handy too! 

A favorite recipe you like to cook from the garden?

another great one because you know there’s a lot you could do

not even cooking! 

The thing I look forward to

  • taking that first beefsteak
  • cutting nice slice
  • tomato cheese and mayo sandwich and a little bit of salt!

Something about that from the garden, I look forward to every year with the first beefsteak tomato!

not a chef

I think we all do, tomato sandwiches are great right!

A favorite internet resource?

You have a great show!

if you’re looking

Savvy Gardening always have great info

  • raised beds
  • growing flowers
  • pest control

Gardening with Charlie Nardozzi out of Vermont

talking about earlier

JM Fortier 

good source

A really good source is someone who took JM Fortier’s techniques who’s really busy

Curtis Stone  I was lucky to interview.

if you listen to his story. I think he is scaling down right now

he will garden on his own property and on other people’s property

  • market gardening
  • stuff off and sell it
  • resource

Joe Gardener FB

Joe Lamp’l from growing a greener world

I just saw Joe Lamp’l did a FB live yesterday that had like 1.2k views. And the thing about Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone the Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer: Growing Food for Profit on Leased and Borrowed Land

Funny about him, when I talked to him, the beginnings of him getting started

I think he got laid off from his job and that’s how he started doing this

deliver the vegetables on his bike and it’s an amazing story. He really knows his stuff, if you go to his youtube channel.

A favorite reading material-book, mag, blog/website etc you can recommend?

a magazine

Mother Earth News

really weird

look at magazine

Mother Earth News

lot of different things

  • canning
  • preservation
  • nervous to get into
  • preserving food
  • should I eat this?
  • There’s a lot of good info in there
  • good book

I just read a good book by Chris McLaughlin

Growing Heirloom Flowers: Bring the Vintage Beauty of Heritage Blooms to Your Modern Garden Growing Heirloom Flowers: Bring the Vintage Beauty of Heritage Blooms to Your Modern Garden

sense it kind of does there’s a movement to

get home gardeners to grow more native flowers

  • fantastic book 

  • just released

  • different variety of flowers

  • insects to bring in!

really good

I feel like flowers and vegetables to grow hand and hand. If you want your vegetables to produce more. It’s a coincidence people have been asking me what to put on my lawn a lot lately. What do I do if I don’t put weed and feed etc? Plus heirloom flowers ties into that.

If it was up to me we would have no food at our house because I couldn’t keep up with the water, Mike will be like you need to go water your lettuce and I’d be like , I just watered it yesterday!

If you have a business to you have any advice for our listeners about how to sell extra produce or get started in the industry?

If you’re looking to sell your produce

new services out there

fortunate to interview one


Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 6.32.53 PM.png

Veggie Vinder


  • Selling produce
  • what you want to sell
  • buyers looking to buy produce
  • community based thing

Veggie Vinder

Something similar out of Canada.


Seed Voyage

connect growers of food

based out of Canada

  • new apps
  • there’s apps for everything

in my area


we have weekly markets if you can bring your food to sell

NJ or PA

look for those in your area

set up your own stand if your town allows it

ordinances everywhere, especially in NJ

California is big on that where people set up stands of everything

Seed Voyage

Veggie Vinder good way to get started!

set up a stand

Sam Lillie he completely reminds me of the founder of amazon and he also started out on a bike connecting people. And Dushon, I interviewed haven’t put it up! I also talked to these people from Youngs’ farm they started out wholesaling at the Farmers markets in NYC  and then  their farm stand just took off!

young millennial has so much energy, that’s funny you said that I had exactly the same reaction after talking to him

  • how excited to him
  • both those guys are excited
  • they took a concept after you hear it why didn’t anyone think of this?

plug their services because I believe what they are doing could be relevant to so many people.

My husband has said this for years, because we have that problem, one month we’ll have so much extra swiss chard or carrots, not enough to keep the market full., and also connecting people to buy it, you can’t always get it, because a lot of people’s problem is the cost and access. Just the cost of lettuce right now is $2,99 a head I can’t pay hat and we don’t have lettuce right now.

The cost of lettuce, we see that here with the herbs

People will buy for like $5 a small pack of basil

ten years then you ever need

  • take the time
  • herbs in pots
  • alternative you can purchase basil from your neighbor and not even know it.

And it’s so funny, basil is so easy to grow I can grow it. I find it can’t take a frost, we can have a frost any day of the year here but I just keep it on my windowsill. I always look at them and say who would pay that?

Final question-

If there was one change you would like to see to create a greener world what would it be? For example is there a charity or organization your passionate about or a project you would like to see put into action. What do you feel is the most crucial issue facing our planet in regards to the environment either in your local area or on a national or global scale?

If I had the power to make that kind of change

piggy back on what we were talking about

There’s 48 million people gardening right now in the US alone

exponential take it globally

everybody grew just one extra row of food

doesn’t matter what your growing and took that and donated it to your local food pantry

church that collects food

wherever that collects food the amount of hunger you would stamp out

better nutrition people would get lots of time people go to the food pantry and donate canned food


  • tremendous amount of giving we do here in America
  • A lot of times that’s not always  the most healthiest food
  • homegrown food would go along way for better health for  people who need it

Another thing I am passionate

two small kids

gardening in schools people don’t want it taught in schools for a wide range of reasons and others say YES!

The community come together working with the schools to implement a school garden

  • we did that in my town
  • k-2 area
  • school garden
  • take what they learn not just in nutrition but in other areas


  • measure between spacing
  • learn that type of stuff

kids now for the future when they get older

add to more gardening

as you know

my one passion is I’m trying to get as many people growing their own food as possible!

If you start in the school grade it could go a long way in the future.

I love that what you were saying about donating, my kids kept asking me for those purple dragons tongue beans mike grew in the fall, and they keep asking why don’t we have beans, one kid got the bonus because it’s spring, the garden hasn’t grown yet, they died in the fall, kids think carrots come from the supermarket. 

I just love what you said about bringing it to the Food Pantry the kids would love it, my kids loved vegetables, they will devour them!

Do u have an inspiration tip or quote to help motivate our listeners to reach into that dirt and start their own garden?


3 tips I give everyone

if you’ve never gardened

  1. start small

  2. grow something you know you will eat – 

    You might grow great tomatoes but if you don’t like them you won’t stick with it!

    one tip

    nobody ever really thought of

  3. keep your garden in site

  • kitchen is the room
  • see your small garden
  • it goes a long way
  • keeps it top of mind
  • see it I am more likely to attend to it
  • 3 tips
  • audience members who want to start a garden
  • keep it in site
  • tomato
  • get started
  • love it!

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