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Beginner's Garden Shortcut

Rockstar Millennials! My collection so far!

Friday February 23, 2018!

The Millennials: Connecting to America's Largest GenerationI never considered myself a millennial and the leader wrote a book about millennials, so now I don’t have a problem self-identifying because a lot of their

The Millennials: Connecting to America’s Largest Generation



thank you so much for giving me this opportunity I’m super excited to help gardeners

epecially beginners get startd with thier  garden!

The Beginner's Garden Shortcut Website

started this Beginners Garden Shortcut Online Course

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I felt there was a lot of info out there but not basic enough for someone who didn’t have a lot of info right out of the gate. I wanted to create something taht someone who was brand new to gardening could walk through step by step

help someone start

  • first year
  • second year

just need to start off with the clean slate

gardening for waste 

Gardening can be intimidating to the new beginner. There are a lot of basic short cut tips can help you be more successful your first year. And if you are like me you might say I have a brown thumb.

Some of the most common questions

how long does the class take?


what I like to tell people, doesn’t take a lot of time and it’s self service so you do it when you want

college syllabus

see everything you get in the class

5 modules all about planning their garden

A lot of times people go to the garden center just take it home and plant it

module on 

where to put your garden

whether you should plant

  • in raised beds
  • in the ground
  • containers

why you want to garden

  • depending
  • how big
  • what you decide to grow

why are you gonna garden

make a garden

5 videos

under 15 minutes

10 minutes or so

meant to walk you through step by step

garden planning process

planning your space

cool weather crops

  • summer crops 
  • how to plant each of those
  • problems you might run into




lessons that go along with it

  • print outs
  • downloads
  • link back to different episodes that are relevant to each module

module is talking about

class is formatted

also have something called the 

Garden task list notebook

write in your last frost date

8 weeks to 6 weeks after that

week by

preparing your berry beds

buying your transplants

all based on your average last frost

I was gonna ask, you’re located… where?

I’m in


zone 7b

You average last frost is abit later then mine

little graph

take a calendar

what date

ideally plant 8 weeks before that

exactly what you would do to plant your garden based on your last frost date.

Do you want to mention what’s a cool weather crop versus a warm weather crop?

Yeah that’s a really good question

I deliniate between those

cool weather

warm weather


require different planting times

  • lettuce
  • carrots
  • peas
  • potatoes
  • onions
  • blueberries

I count blueberries even tho they’re not cool weather we plant in the cool weather

in the cool


  • tomatoes
  • peppers
  • zuchini
  • squash
  • beans

I love all this  because not only did I come out with our first product this year for black Friday, the 2018 Garden Journal and Planner, because it’s true. Look in the fridge, because if you don’t eat cauliflower no sense growing it just cause it’s at the nursery and the person says here check out these cute brussels sprouts if you don’t, and knowing the frost dates, and John Lee Dumas has his amazing Freedom Journals and smart goals but there’s no calendar in it that drives me crazy.

main s

one other thing that I have a 

Simple Garden Planner

Simple Garden Planner

  • a limited number of those in
  • mail it to them for free
  • spiral
  • digital copy everyone will get

basically goes along with the planner

garden task list

  • record keeping
  • goals down
  • calculate how many of what plant your gonna buy

This is the first year I really got serious about it partly cause I was doing the class I thought I should do what I was teaching

  • calculate how many seed packets
  • run out
  • didn’t calculate correctly
  • all that
  • save a lot of time

walking you through that

some people aren’t as much planner


  • walks you through it
  • teaches you how to do it
  • what I am doing


Especially if you’re gonna do any kind of succession planning, because I keep feeling like I need to get my arugula out before I go anywhere near the garden and separate the seeds and put them in envelopes and say these are going to go in this week and this week and label them ahead of time because if I take them to the garden I’ll just end up planting them all at once.

About your course! How much is it? When does it start? They can start any time right? There’s no start date.

  • I may end up extending the deadline. What I am trying to do is get everyone enrolled before March 18th!

One thing I didn’t mention the thing I am most excited about!

Beginner's Garden Shortcut Facebook Group

The Facebook group goes along with this! But it’s also free to anyone!

In  the Facebook group I go live every Wednesday with a garden demonstration from Feb to may

It’s a place for you walk through planting your garden with other people are there to answer them like me and others so it’s like a giant garden community!

One reason I’d like to get people enrolled by March 18th is because March is kind of when people really start planning their garden!

Instead of waiting till you’re ready to plant to start your planning!


Yes, it’s time to start planting in the windowsill, and it’s soon my husband will be plasticking in our porch and have starts going!


Yeah, we will be all that more successful!

There’s a lot of planning to make you more successful you need to start early

So I want them to have plenty of time to do that!

Price of the course

set themselves up with a successful garden



That’s the self study portion

There are other options

bump up option

talk with



premium version

plan it for you

send you the date

self study


access as long as you have the course up so you can go back and reveiw!

I was just talking to this guest Gabe Siciliano from Abe’s Acres and he was just talking to me about the essential part of keeping records and I also talked with Larry Tse from Dig Inns restaurant who said a similar thing!

It did remind me, when you were talking about record keeping

Simple Garden Planner

section in the back where you can write out what you did this year


look at it next year

last year

I planted 2 plantings of corn

  • which date I planted them
  • how long they took to germinate
  • what the results were from each planting

That really helped me to seem, I could plat my corn early April but the ones I planted a few weeks after that avoided some of the spring storms so next year I want to plant a little bit later. 

  • how much I planted
  • do I need to plant more?

It was so helpful this year to look back see what I did last year to see whether it worked or if I need to adjust things.

That guy Larry pointed out, you may think you’re gonna remember but You’re NOT!!!

Can I read from your website?

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 5.07.11 PM

How do they find it?

They can find it directly on my website or I’ll send a link to your website!

Click here to sign up for the

Beginner's Garden Shortcut Facebook Group

The Facebook group goes along with this! But it’s also free to anyone!

don’t have to purchase

search on Facebook beginner’s garden shortcut

request access

course it self

by going

super excited about helping people garden

I wasn’t a gardener before 6 years ago

mellow dramatic

gain as much joy out of garden

frustrated at the simplest thing


what does a potato plant look like when it sprouts out of the ground

gardening resources

assume a basic knowledge

garden for so many years

remember what it’s like

Cool Flowers

I remember talking to Lisa Ziegler when I first started and she was talking about her book 

Cool Flowers: How to Grow and Enjoy Long-Blooming Hardy Annual Flowers Using Cool Weather Techniques and annuals you can plant in the fall  and she asked me which flowers bloom in the fall and said I had to go look for them and there is a big difference between what it looks like in the spring and what does it look like in the fall.

Me, Im mostly interested in painting and eating the vegetables i the gardenn.

This year I’m going to be adding more flowers for a beneficial insect standpoint to cultivate an organic healthier garden my focus is for edibles.

That’s an important point for people that bringing in those beneficials.

purpose for vegetables

I have already seen how its worked out well that using organic techniques I do not as many pest problems!

My website is journeywithjill.net

and you can also listen to my podcast the Beginners Garden Podcast where you get your podcasts.


Will help you go from zero know-how to productive harvest THIS YEAR in as little as 1/2 hour per week! Wow that’s gonna be tough Jill! Haha jokZ you’ll do great Jill!

The Beginner's Garden Shortcut Website

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 1.16.23 PM Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 1.16.23 PM

Beginner's Garden Shortcut Facebook Group

The Facebook group goes along with this! But it’s also free to anyone!

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