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👩🏻‍🌾#tbt to when I built my first Raised Beds. So much has happened in 2 years! I wasn't sure what my business model would look like, but I knew one thing for sure: I had to master growing veggies because that is the key to fresh, nutritious food. ✨ After going back to school for Horticulture and receiving my License in Landscape Horticulture, I continued to extensively research the needs of veggies 😎 ✨ By understanding needs, you can understand how to fulfill them. Isn't that a beautiful concept? 🤗😍 I believe it applies to so much in the world 🌎✌🏼💕 ✨ #thebeginning #entrepreneur #urbanfarming #raisedbeds #vegetablegarden #growfood

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I’m hustling harder than ever to launch Virtual Services for you during this crazy period! Now’s the time to garden and we’re so close to having it all together for you: Instar Reference Guide (literally every Instar edible garden practice you can imagine), Custom Seed Start Calendar (based on zip code), Virtual Consultations and more! Take the cost out of hiring a professional landscaper (especially if you’re in shut down mode) to transform your garden and do it yourself, the right way!!! . Know that you’re supporting an incredibly impressive group of women, living their passion and only looking to be the best versions of themselves personally and professionally 💪🏼 #teaminstar . And yeah, I’m working/hiding next to my compost bin so my toddler (home from school for 2 weeks) doesn’t see me 🤪 Interested in the above mentioned? DM me your email now to get on the list for immediate access (hoping to have set up by next Wednesday) Mark your calendars 😂 Grow food! Live sustainably! You got this!!! 😘

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Read the unedited computer generated transcript to my interview with Erika here: https://app.podscribe.ai/episode/52551291

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