Bonus Post-Holiday Health Episode #14 | Craving Energizing Foods | Homemade Organic Blue Corn Polenta | With Andrea Catherine | Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor

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I’m so excited because is gonna energize us and it’s Sunday January 6th and I just talked with Lindsey Jean Hard yesterday who wrote the book Cooking With Scraps!


Cooking with Scraps: Turn Your Peels, Cores, Rinds, and Stems into Delicious Meals

Hi everyone! I’m glad you got a chance to talk to Lindsay Jean and I interviewed her and it was really valuable. I have the cookbook in hand! Today, I want to share what I am up to in this transition the holidays I’ve been making things like

  • polenta
  • And craving cooling herbs
  • mint
  • cilantro
  • coconut! Shredded coconut and coconut milk

recognizing my body’s wanting to cool off from the inflammatory foods of the holidays! IDK if anyone is experiencing that.

I can totally relate except in a different sense. I was really good during the holidays, it’s more of an after the holidays problem.

I went home, had a great  holiday with my family! I hadn’t been the four of us, my parents and my brother and I, and especially with my brother and I and just thankful to soak up all of that love! And maybe a little more gluten and sugar then I normally eat

my body was really feeling that for a while

I got home still wanted

nourishing foods

I had this cornmeal from Wicked Good Farm


Last night we had friends over, and so I put a whole chicken in a crock pot

chicken had been with

  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • peppers

put that over polenta!

We also made polenta fries!

I’m happy to tell how to make those things

using organic cornmeal and having something different then just flour is really nice!

I feel like I get that nourishment without getting inundated with sweet things!

How do you make polenta fries? I just saw something on Facebook about vegan quinoa nuggets!

There was a restaurant in Ann Arbor that had really good polenta fries! I think it was Grizzly Peak Brewing Company.

Make polenta like you would

1 cup fine to medium cornmeal to 4 cups of water you can add:

  • butter and cheese
  • skip that
  • use coconut oil


whatever works for you

after the polenta is made it’s a sweet slow cooking process

I enjoy that

after it’s done

you can spread it on a cookie sheet so it’s an inch or 1/2 inch thick, thinner if you want

let it cool, then once it’s cool, I put in fridge over night

Then slice it like french fries

cookie sheet

in our oven, it broke this week so we weren’t able to do them fully in the oven

Just make sure there’s enough oil in the pan!

It doesn’t have to be deep fried

oven fries

fry sauce

so many different recipes and ways to make fry sauce. Ours had a pickle brine in it. 

I want to keep experimenting but I think you need tomasa for that?

I have a lot of cornmeal so I guess I’ll do a lot of polenta or some grits.

I never made polenta you made it sound easy!

It thickens up quick.

That’s good to know cause polenta’s not cheap. 

Yes and cornmeal is less expensive. You know Brooke Bohannon

she sells it every week 


in the valley

looking for a local source here in Montana

I have a whole big ceramic jar

  • blue cornmeal
  • yellow

have some fun with it

I’d like to make some corn chips, although I am trying to not have chips food

more wet food over the dry processed food


Mike made me homemade whole wheat tortillas and they were so good!

I’m not sure how good they are for me, they are kind of on that dry side. I was telling my mom, I put salsa on just about everything, I try to find ones that don’t have extra sugars. That’s probably on the  wet side.

impacts and qualities

what has your body been processing

inflammatory foods around the holidays

  • dairy
  • gluten

time of year we could utilize those in some ways

how much we want to talk about digestion ~ There maybe other options for dipping things in.

I made a coconut Tahini sauce

I found a recipe for hummus the other day without the tahini

Good time to try different things.

Hoping to limit the # of inflammatory foods

Well it sounds good to come home to a meal all cooked after spending the day out climbing a giant mountain on skins!

digestive fire

spicy food for example

we can still go into that space of too much

it wasn’t super spicy

I had a tomato base sauce

marinated all night

really delicious

wasn’t dry at all

  • cooked for 4 hours on high

did it the morning before we left and then put it on warm I think you could do 8 hours on low. It doesn’t need as much liquid. 

whole chicken in the

I cooked it down on the stove made like a thiner gravy to put on top of the chicken

  • polenta
  • red sauce gravy
  • avocado
  • lime
  • cilantro

I forgot to get sour cream so we ate whole milk yogurt which was really delicious

bring in the cooling elements.

I like yogurt better then sour cream anyway. Anything else you want to talk about?

I think just encouraging people to experiment and explore

We walked into the grocery store and my boyfriend said oh look they’re really into the diet things in the front of the store! 

recognizing that hit doesn’t have to be a crazy overhaul

one turn of the overall

all those baked good

smaller qualities

lighter and without all of the sugar

Looking into how can you make that one percent turn

if there is a lot of inflammation or inflammatory foods in your diet just looking for other way to explore eating

I made a chic pea salad

  • soaked the chick peas overnight
  • cooked them down
  • made rice to go with it
  • mint and cilantro
  • tahini dressing

warm or cold

what is your body craving right now that will balance who you’re feeling

craving things that keep us out of balance does that make sense

If we’re feeling lethargic then we’re craving pizza and heavy doughs

What does your body crave or actually want that might uplift you?? What sounds good that might be more lighting and stimulate you?

I hear you there, one thing I am struggling with is the e-coli recall, I’m thinking about maybe creating a winter crop or putting in some micro greens

I want a shelf something in the winter to have readily available, having something that’s alive, eating it right out of the ground.

I know I’m always surprised at my mom’s she doesn’t have fresh herbs in her kitchen because she’s so into cooking and she has like a million plants?

Oxygen is a little less food related, but having house plants makes such a difference I visited a couple of friends in Michigan who both have lots of houseplants so let them do the work of cleaning the air!

Good to talk to you!

I know it seemed like it was taking a long time to come and now it’s already the 6th of January!

I’m ready for it to e new and different without a ton of upheaval.

Happy New Year!

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