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Fearless Self Love Podcast with Andrea Catherine

Tuesday July 17, 2018 ~ Mike’s Birthday ~ The day we have gotten the most downloads ever?! And I put up 3 episodes of my friend Marisa cooking and today Andrea Catherine is here!

Great to be here! IT’s been an interesting season for me. I’ve been going through lots of change especially with my work situation ~ I realized last night I made a real meal that wasn’t just fried eggs, toast with sautéd vegetables and mushrooms. 

So if there are listening who feel stuck but who haven’t cooked and get into that judgy place, I do too. 

normally cooking is my go to my go to, and savior for me, so I know that I’ve been in a hard spot refreshing to make a warm meal:

  • lentils
  • rice
  • cabbage I shared last time

It was really good so I feel like this is an invitation to comeback anyone who feels like they are in that stalling place


I think that it is because it’s summertime, in Montana things are kind of different in Montana in the summer because we have those long days, so its almost like thre is a whole day after work, and also it gets really hot! 

Plus we’re kind of in that in between phase where there is not much ready besides green, we’re just waiting for carrots, and beets etc.


I know for me, I get absorbed into summer mode

then I’m hungry really

It’s just finished

definitely not the time of year it is.


last time we talked about cabbage, I mentioned Napa Cabbage which is an Asian green.

Sometimes I find that these vegetables I did not have growing up as a kid are the most delicious and satisfying. In addition to Napa Cabbage, 

  • bok choy
  • tat soi

are ones I love.

Tat Soi It’s very similar

like any leafy greens

  • lots of vitamin C
  • immune system
  • eyes and skin

nourish things that can get overheated

eyes and skin

what I love about it

It’s easy to eat raw or cooked

Bok Choy the stems are thicker and I am less likely to peel one off and eat it raw

Some people listening might be like who is this?

If you hang out with a lot of a farmers! 

I would go to these  farmer gatherings and these people would work so hard

You would think they are gonna have meat and heavier vegetables on their plate and you get on line and they have a plate of greens!

Appreciation for greens!

late night



salads are perfect this time of year

give us a lot of what we need


Tat Soi cooking

cook like bok choy

share a recipe Margaret Beck who is working with me

spicy thai tat soi

  • kick
  • do it this way

You can always change the spices

cooking tip I love

often I look at the recipe as the skeleton or framework

that gives me the idea except for like lentils and pasta

Wait, wait, because you mentioned that like two times, lentils and pasta is like an Italian meal, what did you do cook them in the same water?

I guess I just need the right recipe

  • french lentils
  • IDK what kind of pasta
  • macaroni
  • IDK, everything was overcooked and mushy
  • I need a little lesson in Italian cooking, but for me it was a bad experience…

Jackie had to get the timer for Mike’s Birthday Cake.

Is Tat Soi, a green? Like a lettuce? I thought it came in spring mix.

by itself it looks like a mini – bok choi


lighter and a little crisper


thai topping for your tat so

share it

I think what happens in the summer

  • Fourth of July
  • birthdays
  • gatherings
  • eat a lot of  spicy food that doesn’t always pair with our digestive system

in a gentle way not a mustard green or bitter green

adding water element

naturally without being 


I like the idea of having spicy but having this 

cooling element in there

Instead of having a burger or something heavier

might not sit well with us

We can have a cool salad

spice added to it

another thing to try

sauté tat soi

It cooks up really easily

In this recipe she suggests

  • minced fresh ginger
  • garlic
  • thai chili pepper

actual pepper make sure you remove the seeds

ginger and garlic may be enough spice

 depending on your taste

how it feels in your body

how you feel afterward

  • fish sauce
  • lime juice
  • oil
  • honey

if you’re not a fish sauce person

  • soy
  • Braggs
  • lime juice

It’s easy to substitute

I don’t have the right ingredients, my guess is you can make that recipe with different ingredients.

honey gives a bit of sweetest

which is helpful in summer when you want a bit of sweet

You mix that sauce with the Tat soi


salt and pepper

You can have it with any fish dish you are already eating

mix it with rice

incorporate with these things coming out of the garden with these more celebratory foods when we’re gathering maybe for a 

  • for a family reunion
  • dinner party
  • hot dogs and hamburgers

really experimental

mixing some of the spices that you might use for a fish dish

Vietnemese Pho

add spices to vegetables

Last week we talked about mint, a couple of weeks ago we talked about cabbage

mint and herbs

subbing some in herbs or flavors

add cilantro to this

add mint

different herbs make it pop

notice how your feeling

my work as an auyervedic counselor notice not just what tastes good but what does it feel like after? The after affect of what you eat


your digestive system isn’t happy notice that

try something different

cooling herbs like

  • cilantro
  • mint
  • basil

not taxing your digestive system

especially if you are at a dinner party, that keeps coming up as we talk because I think it’s a season of gathering or for quick food

one of my strategies especially when I’m going to people houses I bring something I really want to eat that is going to nourish me. 

I know there’s going to be

  • chips and salsa
  • burgers

things that maybe might not leave me feeling good

if I bring the thing thats gonna make me feel good I know I’m gonna be good

Tat soi is one of those easy greens to grow

good for your immunity

protect you eyes and skin

I like the way you wrapped that up at the end that this is good for your eyes and skin because they are definitely taking a beating right now. I have a question would you make this sauce ahead of time, if you are going after work?

Yeah! Absolutely

I think what I would do, maybe not cook the greens as much so they sit in the sauce

Maybe make it ahead of time and then sauté the greens ahead of time

You would just have to try it

It’s gonna depend on how long it’s sitting

I guess how fresh the tat soi is too!

I like things more fresh and crisp so what I would lean toward is keeping them separate and maybe borrow the stove or something it’s only gonna take a moment

  • try it raw
  • chop up the tat soi
  • have it raw

it’s gonna feel more like a spicy salad then a condiment or somethng

depends what your using it for

You can use this sauce for carrots or other vegetables

mix carrots in

My favorite way to slice carrots for a salad is to use a vegetable peeler

  • carrots are like this very thin and ribbon like
  • toasted pumpkin or sunflower seeds

If you are gonna eat this alone or being creative if you are gonna take this dish somewhere as a stand alone.

Ive been seeing the peeler everywhere! We got our first carrots mike picked I think yesterday, teeny tiny ones but it’s not gonna be long now. Seems like one of the challenges I’m having now is if I put it in the fridge it’s not worth it I might as well just make them fresh.

My greens go so quickly

I definitely go through a full CSA share on my own, pretty quickly

always ready for the next week

making things in season

ok if you experiment

keep going

I should meet you at Brooke’s farm do you go there. 

I do! I go Tuesday night  between 5-7 can pick up at the market

they have 2 locations

in town a hoop house

out on con road where I worked last summer I will also be going this Friday morning for the Ravenwood out door summer camp

cooking in the woods

fun to share some recipe

check out their in town

I’ve been talking to some listeners to see what I can do better and one of them said they would like to see what it looks like in a Farmer’s Market in Montana, and I was thinking last summer I would do a farm tour and it never happened!

I did an interview with Brooke for the Cornucopia Show

What’s the Cornucopia show?

It’s a podcast

The Cult, Culture of Food

Farmers market and Michigan


Retreat at Spirit Ranch at Home in Your Heart

That is an awesome time to come to Montana. You can still get into the park and there are not a lot of tourists around. 

OK, there’s a little bit of prechat here that only got partially recorded I thought some people might like to hear… and then ….

If you want to know about my mom’s Native Plant Sale on Long Island here’s the link to her episode about Clark Botanic Gardens!

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