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I’m super excited because Andrea Catherine is back on the line with us and she’s gonna talk about a recipe I saw on her website and I have all the ingredients and I’m gonna make it tonight! 

So in Montana, NW Montana there’s snow on the ground. We thought it was spring! It’s not spring. It’s still winter here

Im gonna share a recipe for golden milk

I love this recipe because it’s super nourishing

Maybe when you were a kid your mom made you a glass of warm milk. At the time my family didn’t know anything about Auryveda or anything. She’d just put a mug of milk in the microwave.


  • raw cows milk
  • local environment
  • something that is local
  • not as highly processed
  • or a milk you digest well.

heavy nourishing quality

  • coconut
  • hemp milk
  • almond milk


  • There’s a heavy tradition which is why it can help with sleep

in the Ayurvedic tradition

spices make it the color gold but also the spices help you digest the milk

Golden milk

how to make it

what it’s good for

hungry right before we go to bed

golden milk is a good option

heat the milk on the stove




raw sugar

Especially now I’ll wait till the milk is cooked and drain the spices

I’ll add a bit of raw honey

when it’s cool enough to drink

especially if its local honey

Will help with springtime allergies

types of flowers that are pollinated


warming quality of the golden milk

Andrea Catherine's Grounded Here Golden Milk

find it on my website

cozy up with some golden milk and think about 

what seeds your gonna start next

or planning for the coming year


All the spices together help aid in digestion

If you don’t like one of those spices leave it out

You want to enjoy this experience

It should be sweet and nourishing

If you want to add cinnamon

Î love this it’s making me want to try it! IDK how I ran out of all those spices but the cardamon smells so good every time I walk into my kitchen!

The cardamon is interesting it’s an

anti inflamatory

I love to add cardamon

bitter acidic taste

playing with spices

I told Jackie I was also gonna share with you a recipe for a digestive aid tea

biggest change of the year

rough wind

hard cracking skin

a lot of mobility in our environment

slower growth phase

heavier qualities


cleanse the body

cumin coriander fennel tea

coriander is actually cilantro



will be anti gas for you which will help you

that tea can also help to mitigate hunger or the felling the hunger

can help to regulate your metabolism

I really love to drink the ccf tea

if I find myself trying to procrastinate

soothe that mental hunger

searching for something to snack on

tea can help me to find that out

sometimes I just need that to settle my stomach down

Well I never have that problem. haha jokZ. I am always like, I eat it doesn’t have anything to do with hunger… I always bit my fingernails…  I like to eat a lot of popcorn because i feel like at least that is not a lot of calories if I’m eating it’s healthier then potato chips… but tea?

We should talk about hunger sometimes. There’s a lot to be said about how to shift that. So we are eating when we’re hungry and that can aid in our digestion.

How do you brew that? Take cumin, coriander and fennel? What kind of fenneL

drink that tea 

fennel seed

cumin seeds

coriander seeds

I have a

You can just use a mortar and pestal grind them slightly not to a pulp.

Just cracking the seed open can give you it’s essence and more of that quality in the tea

I use about a teaspoon or two of the spices combined per cup.

A little less less cumin for coriander

One part cumin


two parts fennel

  • boil the water with the spices
  • steep for 5 min
  • strain out the spices
  • sip your tea
  • steep up to ten minutes

I like to put it in a thermos to sip throughout the day. 

I find I have more time to drink things then eat things. At lunch I had to eat, and print things for parents. Trying to drink and have a sandwich, I can drink while the kids are in the classroom but not really eat.

Let me know how it goes next week. If it calms your digestive system. If we start to snack on tea better then popcorn we can start to regulate our digestive metabolism. Then we end up burning fat if we have excess fat on our bodies and maintain our energy better. So there are a lot of benefits! 

I hope the milk helps sleep tonight.

I had no idea you had all this knowledge about nutrition when I said do you want to talk about cooking.

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