Bonus Holiday Health Episode #13 With Andrea Catherine | Certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor

kale in winter

Andrea Catherine is here from the Fearless Self-Love Podcast.

What’s cooking?

Fearless Self-Love Podcast

I’m gonna talk about 3 things

The seasons

and what’s going on for me and my body has this desire to cleanse, but it’s just not the right time because it’s holidays! 

It’s frustrating every time I eat sugar my body’s like no and alcohol and I do it because it’s the holiday season!

talking about that and how to manage that

lots of squash

everything I can with acorn squash

very simple slice the acorn squash in half 

bake it to make it super soft

while that’s roasting sauce a bunch of root vegetables

  • beets
  • onion
  • chickpeas that I marinated in a soy sauce

made this filling basically

  • added bacon and spinach to it
  • the second time I added raisins as well

It was just a really hearty meal served in the squash half

really creative way to at the end of the CSA what do I do with it.

I wanted to share that

what was the 3rd thing

using a lot of cookbooks

Nourishing Traditions Cookbook by Sally Fallon

Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats

Enchanted Broccoli Forest

Moosewood Cookbooks


Cooking with Scraps: Turn Your Peels, Cores, Rinds, and Stems into Delicious Meals

my friend Lindsay-Jean’s, I interviewed her on the podcast her book is all about food waste recipes

I reached out to Mollie Katzen from the Moosewood 

Those are my favorite cookbooks! I do, what I made out of the Moosewood yesterday was this recipe for Chilean Squash that has peppers and corn and cheese and eggs and lots and lots of pumpkin! 

The other thing I get out of the Enchanted Broccoli Forest Cookbook is her quiche crust, I use that for quiche or pie or anything.

The Playdough Master

I don’t do well with doubling recipes, I can double the playdough recipe, but I have to constantly make double batches. 

I found an old copy of her book at a garage sale or thrift store.That’s what I was looking at this fall. 

  • I changed it up a bit like I didn’t use tofu chickpeas

Using it as inspiration because I have been more attracted to following a recipe I think it is maybe because I think this season of such intense change that I’m 

craving stability and almost instruction

simplicity of being able to follow something, instead of everything being self-generated all of the time! It takes a lot of energy! I have up-teem business ideas! 

I love being creative!

I start things and love doing things!

This season has been about

  • grounding
  • connecting
  • restoring my energy

I think that’s why I’ve been cookbooks

When’s your birthday?

October 26 just turned 34 about a month and a half ago! When’s your birthday Jackie?

I’m 1000% Leo, I was born in the middle of the summer of love on July 31, 1967 in the middle of NYC.

I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster

for folks who do

being really focused

seasonal change

life just constantly changing

really sensitive

  • not being over stimulated
  • almost hardly on social media this fall at all
  • little time online unless I’m checking my email
  • remove myself from that over stimulus

Less of the Roller Coaster Feel

a lot of intention

tune into the channel of life


Andrea Catherine is here to give us a little self-love!

Were both looking out over a little bit of snow!

I’l start with the seasons

shared a little bit

settling and reducing stimuli

having a lot of change, moving, illness, my family visited, started a new job in August

A lot of really good things! Requiring a lot of energy. I’ve been subconsiously finding ways to just be without as much input

enjoy what is already here

What that meant for me is it meant:

  • removing myself from social media
  • enjoying cookbooks
  • state of mindset
  • not making any plans

Sundays become my new work for myself day

do my thing

  • grounding
  • nesting in a new place
  • settling in

suits the season



lots going on people getting ready to travel for the holiday

There’s a lot of sugar out there! 

Adds for the season and all the marketing that is up.

The chaos of the season and how that relates to nourishing food

We aren’t just what we eat but what we digest!

feeling anxious


our body goes into the sympathetic nervous system kicks in and we can go into that fight or flight survival mode. When we do that our digestive system shuts down! It’s not insignificant and I’ve been trying to do this at work.

I’ve been trying to figure out

those 3.5 hours I am fully engaged

I need to be fully nourished by the time I go in and I need to be calm by the time I need to eat again. I’ve been trying to figure out:

how to navigate my day

check in with them

still digesting that experience when I get home

Shift to a big meal around 1-2 pm and then maybe just some soup when I get home.

That represents a shift for me

noticing being aware

I feel like that’s important to share as this can be a season of over stimulus! 


  • handing us sweets
  • inviting us to parties or having that extra glass
  • root vegetable time of year
  • it is eating a 4th meal
  • having that extra glass of wine
  • 3 more cookies then normal

and our body’s are gonna feel it!

I know and Mike has been baking his best Christmas cookies! And when they come out of the oven who can resist them!


The best thing he has been making lately are these yummy french fry home grown potato fans! 

We’ve been doing a lot of potatoes too!

I think it’s root vegetable time of year!

We went to a potluck the other day and we brought sweet potato fries

oven runs from 100-125 º on hot

some kind of scale

turn it down to 400º turn to 300º

Harvest Bowl Squash

Burnt our first batch then we made a second with this chipotle sauce delicious!

  • Acorn
  • butternut although that’s just so good in soup or chopped up!
  • buttercup

The smaller squashes when you slice them open, they have like a semi-circle, a whole

use it like that so you can slice it open

  • oil in a baking dish
  • put those in the oven
  • accurate 350º

sautéing all the other things you need to use up! Vegetables

I marinated some chick peas and soy sauce and made this delicious filling for the squash!

Part of my garden course I was telling you about and lesson 12 is about cooking and I call my cookbook the Tri-color Cookbook

so beautiful the ones I made with acorn and butternut squash

dark meat

chick peas


tan and deep red and green and orange of the squash! It was beautiful looks like a festive meal!

Festive Meal

bringing the colors together! That’s the kind of stimulus we want!


the natural

craving Instagram

stimulate your eyes with what your making

be more tactile

full experience of sound and touch

  • feel 
  • tactile!
  • taste and smell
  • really what we’re craving this tim of year

We’re sucked into this two dimensional thing on a screen.

I saw these really cool scented gift bags when I was looking for a Christmas gift idea I liked that had an orange, some cranberries and like some cinnamon sticks or cloves.  It’s seems kind of calming to give someone the scent of Christmas!

adding those spices

that aroma it’s like being by a fire. If you don’t have a fire mulling some spices or wine!

interesting time of the year

Another thing I didn’t mention that I’m excited to do is my friend


farmer friend Brooke Bohannon 

mills her own flour

homemade pasta making recipes

Mike was telling me he was gonna have left over egg yolks today because he made macaroons so he makes awesome noodles. His raviolis are to die for! The other day he made corn tortillas! 

have a lot of corn flour

corn tortillas and polenta

I ended up with some blue and yellow flower and mixing some of them together

this is going to look really interesting not a pretty color

exciting to have all of these resources

At this time of year it’s easy to say

The CSA is over and all the organic food is coming out of state! Unless you live somewhere where you can grow food all year round.

store some food

who is selling food year round

here in the flathead valley Brooke has a second business called 

wicked good produce

partner with farmers in the valley

things available throughout the winter you can get 

just bitter greens and squash

Through the winter it will be mostly apples

So figuring out can I do some of those things

up levels my gratitude and what’s gonna time in the New Year

Can be a time to explore things in other places

I like this time of the year because of that!

It’s still changing even though the garden isn’t giving us all of these things we can go out and pick!

Actually I can still pick kale, it’s still out there, it’s frozen, but I can pick it through the snow, these giant plants still standing but they are a little more chewy.

So we’ve been into Mike’s canned goods, green beans, and pickled beets. Our health food store has been having fresh good that say organically grown locally grown, it’s in a bucket and says locally grown.

talking about sweets and pasta



dry mobile season

if there ever was a time to eat gluten and sweet would be this season! 

My encouragement and challenge is all things sweet and nourishing don’t have to come from processed sugar and flour and to experiment 

substituting grains and flours in your cookies this year 

satisfying that sweet tooth with some of those things we were talking about 

that squash recipe we were talking about will meet that sweet flavor ~ not sugar

It will meet that need desire taste for sweet

  • squash
  • beets
  • caramelized onions

They’re gonna pop that spot on the tongue

craving for sweet that we have this year is natural we don’t have to punish ourselves for craven sweetness

Try to make the glutenous and sweetness more natural ingredients

Can be a fun challenge

I was telling you about the Amy Porterfield Online Classes and she was recommending this podcast called Lose 100 pounds. The main theory the woman talks about is, is planning your day, and what you’re gonna eat, if you are going to eat sweets, admit it but say I am going to eat one cookie or whatever you’re going to eat for 24 hours.


Food Babe Sugar Craving Detox Cover

Food Babe 7 Day Detox

It’s tough for me because planning is not one of my strengths. The other things is the food babe has this 7 day sugar craving detox and I know the only way I can survive that is by eating sweet potatoes etc.

I think that’s healthy

our bodies and tongues


our brain lives on

its there

reduced it to these processed ingredients that don’t nourish us

not false

i think it’s really great

one thing about planning

getting to our time here

even if you open your fridge in your pantry today

feel good about what I eat and you decide I’m gonna use the rye flour instead of the no bleached white flour

I’m gonna chop up these vegetables so they’re ready for tomorrow! That’s planning!

That’s an ample amount of planning

And we can give ourselves credit for even just starting to do that brainstorm

Unless I have a really strict thing I’m following

  • cleanse
  • not gonna do sugar for a few weeks

unless I have a rule, I need to give myself accountability.

But if I can think when is it going to be easiest for me to prepare food.

Accomplishments vs Resolutions

The one thing I’e been trying to do. IT kind of goes along with my new Years Resolutions, I did this last year, because every time I get a new journal, I write my resolutions on the back page and they never get done and so I decided I’m going to write down my accomplishments for the year to celebrate instead and I try to get about 12 of them one for each month.

With this 24 hour plant things, I haven’t really focused on it, but I’ll say I’m gonna try to eat at least one piece of fiber a day, a piece or two of fruit, the skins of apples, pears or potatoes. For me to eat fruit I have to really force myself, and then drinking more water. Part of me is just like I need to give up sugar straight across, wine, carbs, sugar too. 

I’m not gonna say you need to share more but I like to hear people’s stories and as I can relate to that, or I struggle with that.

I guess to wrap up, I had a really interesting thing at the market I was doing a Chinese food workshop with the kids. 

This person was buying two big bottles of the Barefoot Chardonay and the cashier was saying I wish that I cold do that. You know how they make everything sugar free

she was really serious you know!

how our body will digest things in this craving that we have! It was a really funny moment.

It will be super fun to connect in the new year and if we can share our accomplishments.  

I think that can be super valuable

  • really ignore that
  • get to that place of rest
  • some of that sweet craving! IS how we 
  • take care of ourselves
  • clothe ourselves

how we rest our bodies

accomplishments list can be really powerful and how we feed our souls to say

wow I am showing up for myself! I do have value!

I can accept the compliment that someone else gave me. I think for women that can be sometimes difficult. 

So that woman on that podcast, Amy hired her to be her coach, because Amy lost 59 pounds since April and she said the coach walked her through everything but they talked a lot about emotional eating and what was that satisfying and that their conversations were  a lot about emotional eating as much as what was successful and they did talk about a salad bar and prepping some vegetables. 

One thing I did do this year, I had a goal to walk 365 miles this year, or a combo of walking and running! And I thought I’m gonna do it because December came and I just needed 65 miles and  I thought oh I got this but then when I look back I only have one month where I covered 40 miles and most are just 30 or less! Here it is the 9th already and I think I still need 40 miles. It’s close enough maybe, my highest before this was 265 miles! 

Thanks I’m really excited to be connected again!

You too! Anything else you want to mention!

I would love to share I had an amazing spiritual retreat that was incredibly sucessful! 

15 women talking about how to nourish ourselves and show up for ourselves! 

incredible connected experience

We got to move our bodies and cook together and

walks and nature

Rene brown’s daring way curriculum

We booked our next retreat for next year

november 6-10th

If you are interested in that retreat you can email

offering if you put your deposit in before the end of December you can save $100!

reach out if you are interested in connecting more beyond the food is interesting! 

Good I meant to ask you that and see how that went!

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