Homegrown Humus Organic Gardener Course and Study Group

Homegrown Humus: Cover Crops in a No-Till Garden (Permaculture Gardener) (Volume 1)

What is Homegrown Humus? Do you want to improve your soil fertility? Would you like to learn more about cover crops? Does growing your own fertilizer sound good to you? Have you been hearing about green manure but aren’t sure where to start? Well me too!

Would you like to join me in this organic gardener course study group where we go through Anna Hess’ amazing primer

Homegrown Humus: Cover Crops in a No-Till Garden (Permaculture Gardener) (Volume 1)

Homegrown Humus: Cover Crops in a No-Till Garden ?

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“Homegrown humus is easy with cover crops! 

Cover crops are a simple, cheap way to boost your soil’s organic matter, to fight weeds, to prevent erosion, to attract pollinators, and to keep the ecosystem in balance. Unfortunately, most information on growing cover crops is written for people who plow their soil every year and are willing to spray herbicides. You can get all of the same benefits in a no-till garden, though, if you’re clever. 

Homegrown Humus details five no-till winners in depth — buckwheat, sweet potatoes, oilseed radishes, rye, and oats. Profiles of other species suggest gardening conditions when you might want to try out sunflowers, annual ryegrass, barley, Austrian winter peas, crimson clover, cowpeas, or sunn hemp as well. 

Meanwhile, the book delves into finding cover-crop seeds, planting cover crops in a no-till garden, and easily killing cover crops without tilling or herbicide use.

Understanding the C:N ratio of cover crops helps determine how long to wait between killing cover crops and planting vegetables, as well as how to maximize the amount of humus you’re adding to your soil. 

Cover crops are an advanced gardening technique bound to increase your vegetable yields, but are simple enough for beginners. Give your garden a treat — grow some buckwheat!” from her amazon page.

What is Humus?

Humus is the organic component of soil, formed by the decomposition of leaves and other plant material by soil microorganisms.

Please reach out to me to be notified of the start date and times at orgpodcast@gmail.com

Tentative schedule

Sept – What is a Cover Crop and how to choose the right one

Oct – Types of Cover Crops – Buckwheat, Oil Seed Radishes and  Sweet Potatoes

Nov -Types of Cover Crops  – Oats, Rye and Cover Crop Cocktails

Dec –  Turning your Cover Crop into soil and making a plan for your own garden including how to determine the C:N (carbon to nitrogen) ratio of cover crops and how to maximize the amount of humus your adding to your soil.


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Required Texts:

Homegrown Humus: Cover Crops in a No-Till Garden (Permaculture Gardener) (Volume 1)



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I'm an artist and educator. I live at the "Organic Oasis" with my husband Mike where we practice earth friendly techniques in our garden nestled in the mountains of Montana.

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