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Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Mark Ritz! I live in Columbus, OH. I work for Costco Wholesale.  I’ve been in the retail business for 10 years. My passion on the side is healthy living and clean eating and just trying to find  the cleanest products on the planet.

  • healthy living  

  • clean eating

  • find  the cleanest products on the planet.

About a year and half ago my brother and I wanted to mentor some people on living cleaner, eat cleaner. That has developed so now, my brother and I crash test products that we find, specifically from the smaller companies out there that seem to be doing it the right way. 

A lot of these companies

  • ship them off to us
  • we test them out
  • share our experiences with everybody on Instagram and social media.


What we figured out was that wasn’t enough for us.

We didn’t really know if people were taking our recommendations to heart. It was hard to figure that out. How can we give each individual we have to try these products out for a fraction of the price that you have to pay at places that have a high premium on your health?

Join Ritzfit Membership

We’re creating this platform that will launch August 7th

Which will give you access to all natural food products containing only real ingredients that go through a very strict vetting process with  5 experts on my team that are approving these products and putting them on the platform for weekly surprise deals for a fraction of the price!

Let me see if I understand so you test these products and if somebody joins ______ ? Do you want to explain what happens when someone joins before I ask? They get an email then they have a week to purchase it’s like going to the store instead on the internet?

Think of Costco, you pay an annual membership fee to have annual discounted products throughout the year. 

So with Ritzfit you pay an annual fee, right now we’re taking early bird memberships


Sign up for a membership or if you’re not ready you can submit your email and we will give you a foreshadow of products to hit the platform. 

We want it to be a surprise factor! So every week when something pops up it will be exciting! 

Simple to Join. You just join online

Don’t worry about paying or renewing till the next year!

There’s a lot of subscriptions out there. We wanted to be different and it’s important to explain the difference and why we’re simply better.

subscription boxes a lot have 10-12 products so we believe the brands who are putting deserve a little better then that. 

not the distraction of the other 10 products in there. So we just promote one per week and a lot of people subscribe to these boxes forget they have a membership, things show up monthly on your doorstep it’s just not as interactive. We’ll probably go into what else goes into the platform other deals.

Very simple process to join.

What is a subscription box? Like a CSA but it comes in the mail? You get a box of products?

The Subscription Box Model 

People who have created have niched down, so if you are a fan of:

the Paelo



All of these have Subscription Boxes you can sign up for.

They’re very expensive

average of $25-50

nice box

  • you have no idea what’s included
  • gets shipped off to you
  • you enjoy testing out different products

We are kind of giving the business the attention they deserve by promoting just one.

  • see that online
  • nice write up about it
  • info
  • health facts
  • implementing it into

with the box it gets delivered

if you’re not into this specific deal you don’t have to buy it.

What I was trying to figure out on your website, you don’t actually ship items. They buy it from the manufacturer?

All purchasing is very easy

Don’t want to have a 2-3 step process. Our goal is to make it as close to amazon-like purchasing. I’ve gone out and created

  • great relationships with the creators of these products
  • learn about all of these products on the

No Diet Podcast Clean Eating

No-Diet Podcast where I do interviews with the creators.

I’ve asked if I can sell direct on my website – you don’t have to go to their website

  • all the info you need online
  • close to a one click buy button
  • every order is then communicated with the vendor
  • you’re just getting a great deal through my website!

So Mark what about shipping?

Shippings been fun! I knew that this was gonna be a tough cookie to crumble, because my favorite site does this with digital products so there’s no cost of goods sold. Shipping is very tough. I have been able to negotiate shipping cost tos be free on almost all deals. It will not be guaranteed with all deals. With 26 deals negotiated so far, 25 have been free shipping and discounted off the retail price.

What’s awesome about this is the company’s I’m talking to they’re passionate about the same results we are so they are doing this to help Ritzfit members get the best value you can get.

I’m an amazon girl. This is right up my alley because  I pay my prime membership back right away. Idk how many books I pay $1 +3.99 shipping delivered up. Getting natural foods and healthy foods as possible.

We’re trying to be as seamless as amazon. They’re amazing. I use amazon on the time. We want the purchasing process to be quick and easy just like that. Not going to be 2 day shipping right away but most important thing to remember is the products are very unique. The bigger companies have grown. The organic sections of the store are indeed not happening at all.

Also, it’s just another option. IDK if there is a Whole food store in Montana. The closest we have that I love is the Good Food Store in Missoula. We do have a Natural.

We are promoting the products that should be on the shelves. I htink it can help some of these smaller companies

That’s where we need to go eating healthier.

It almost reminds me of Thrive Market.

Here’s where we differentiate ourselves. There is a very strict vetting process!

I think a lot of your listeners care about the cleanliness and quality of nutrition products going into their bodies .


I’ve developed a team of 5 experts that all have to approve

each individual product goes through me. 

First I take a picture of the ingredient list and nutrition label

Matt Blackburn, Founder & Formulator of Mitolife

MitoLife Website Page

2 supplement specialist

A specialist in herbs.

Christian Bates, Founder & Formulator of Longevity Power

Christian Bates Longevity Power

bio hacker – both own  their own supplement

Ashleigh VanHouten

Paleo Magazine Radio Podcast

paleo enthusiast – host of Paleo Magazine Radio podcast

Jordyn Stradley of Fuelyourfightnutrition.com

Fuel Your Fight Nutrition


Leaana Tu Nutrition Webstie

Leanna Tu  (whos gong to do an interview with me soon!)

registered Dietition- Nutritionist out of Stanford hospital

diversity and make sure it’s balanced.


Paleo enthusiast

I have one person who is a very intense vegan and he’s very good at what he does

takes the pain away from going into whole foods and Thrive Market. 

Still only 5% of what you find in there is actually real and not containing additive ingreditents that are detrimental.

It’s true, sometimes I go into the store and look through the ingredients and then I walk away because I’m not sure where to go. I was reading the Oh She Glows cookbook and I thought oh these recipes are delicious but where am I gonna buy more walnuts? A cup of Walnuts, we already spend a fortune on walnuts cause my husband’s a baker and then almonds. And then I was just talking with Dr. Maya S and she was talking about olive oil and how to know if it’s been cut with foods.


And remember I told you in the pre-chat I watched your video and I was your perfect avatar, I have all the things you’re talking about. We eat really helathy, Mike makes cookies that are super nutritious and fresh veggies so even though they’re a cookie, they have whole wheat flour, and coconut, walnuts, cinnamon. Knowing which ones are the best and like we talked about in our interview that you don’t always know is organic the best or which.  

Im glad you brought up the organic thing

it’s great to buy organic products

I belive there are phenomenal products out there that are not organic and just as good. It’s kind of wishy washy labeling and the USDA standards out there. Products only need to contain 95% organic ingredients. Food companies are still using 200 non-organic substances and some don’t even need to be labeled on the USDA. It’s part of their allowable compounds in their regulations in what they can leave off the label.

I think we are headed in the right direction.

We’re trying to make a small dent.

I think what makes our platform pretty cool, is how many times have we walked by products that are the right ones that because of the price. We have to pay a premium for our health. 

We have to vote with our dollars.

If I can go out and find smaller companies that are doing it the right way. If I can get significant discounts. 

We are voting with our dollars

If you fall in love with the product and I know you will.

You will love our products and you will continute to buy.

Surprise Factor

Some of the products you will expect to find. The surprise factors nice. We are diverse in what we’re bringing.

Why don’t niche down?

  • supplements
  • clean foods and nutrition products
  • coffee products
  • creameer
  • tea with adaptive genetic herbs
  • protein powder which will be extremely clean
  • cod liver oils
  • algae oils
  • chocolate – the Ferrari of chocolate
  • specialty ingredient company
  • tumeric
  • black truffle salt

All these things that are anti-inflamatory! We found a company that does it all!

  • ghee
  • honey products

My favorite company that we have reached out to is called Beekeepers Naturals

specialize in Honey products

implement health benefits of ways to consume them

3 parts of the bee

pretty crazy stuff!

Implement those into your lifestyle. What it does for your mind!

creates clarity

Royal Jelly only comes from the queen bee

  • snack products

grain free granola

  • sausage

Labor Day special

  • grass fed beef

They will be shipped beautifully in dry ice!

There will be a ton of value. You will save your Ritzfit membership fee in one month. I guarantee you!

No Diet Podcast Clean Eating

No-Diet Podcast

I think that is a very good introductory platform

what the overall mission


It’s the most fun part of my job because I get to meet amazing people

What my goal was to first talk to individuals about their daily habits. 

  • I wanted to fin the cleanest eaters in the planet
  • what makes them tick
  • what products helps them succeed
  • clean living and healthy lifestyle

Then when I was able to get in touch with a couple of product creators. I thought this is not out there. We don’t have an individual talking about their product beyond the label! 

When I see people staring at a nutrition label for 5-10 min and putting it back because they don’t know enough. I created these short 15-20 min podcasts. People are talking about the person who made the ghee

  • talking about where do they get the butter from
  • pasture raised cows who had the best climate to eat grass all year round
  • There are the types of things we learn and things we want to know.

The marketing is a gimic and the labels are still tough! 

You don’t know

  • where it came from?
  • how long it took to get there?
  • ingredients mean?

It’s just not simplified.

On Mondays talk to cleanest eaters!

Wed release a product episode!

This past week we moved to 3 episodes per week. We’re probably gonna add 2 products a week.

Is there anything else?

I think it’s important to know a little bit about the early bird special! We’re charging $25. 

Membership will be good up until August 7th Through August 7, 2018!

We’re commited to a deal a week, unless we feel we need to extend an offer. Depending on the Facebook Community. I will monitor this community. Find out what products they’re using

at the end of the day it’s all about the members and their experience. 

what they want to see

get it for them

send it off to the approvalists. See if we can get it on the platform.

after August 7 will move to $47

We have planned to revisit pricing 6 months into the membership. 

trial and error.

Lock yourself in for $25! It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

Join Ritzfit Membership


big purple button

join today


follow my brother and I Ritzfit most active on Instagram

Active on snapchat as well

search Ritzfit on Facebook

Were gonna make it rItzfit Facebook group private only to members

open invite to anyone who wants to be in the group

$25 for the first year!

Risk free for 90 days!

I think 90 days is a good amount of time for anyone who is going to take advantage

cool live webinars with industry experts


people like you who are very knowledgeable about produce and well do a private interview and keep that locked away for members only!

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