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pileated woodpecker science action club

Jackie Marie Beyer here on the mic

Spring is Here

it’s Wed March 21 and I am excited to tell you about all sorts of things. 


Celebrating 1/2 Million Downloads real soon!


So first I want to thank you so much for listening! We are just about to break 1/2 million downloads and that is amazing so thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Everyone who shared with a friend and is spreading the word that is phenomenal and I am just touched and honored to be the host of this great podcast where I get to share stories from people who think like I do who care about our planet and are just all around my peeps.


I am much closer to hitting all 50 states. When I talked with Vicki Henderson in Idaho, this weekend, I realized that talking to Vicki Henderson someone who is a backyard gardener, someone who has been gardening for a long time.

I feel like I have been talking to a lot of guests who have written a book, or have a business or I mean I reached out to some chefs I can’t wait to share I talked to a couple already and others have reached out and said yes! Just with my schedule we haven’t been able to book and so I really realized my niche is just talking to people who love to garden and she’s a listener she’s in the Facebook group she won the book the Independent Homestead in our giveaway and I think it would be so cool to have a listener from all 50 states!

Organic Gardener Podcast Facebook Group

Whether your brand new and the lessons are fresh or you’ve been doing this for a long time and have great lessons! June is coming around the corner, I’m super busy right now with testing etc. but June will be here! Mike is always in the Facebook group, he’s there, the things he shares seem to get more downloads then me.

March 2nd I went to this training in Bozeman, but made it to Free the Seeds and I actually paid for a booth and the first thing that happens is this woman comes up to me and says can we put you on your community radio?

Community/College Radio

So I also wanted to share that not only did we get picked up by PRN but at Free the Seeds someone came up to me and said can we put you on your community radio station and this light bulb went off. Listeners if you want to share the organic gardener podcast with your neighbors, if you would like to see people in your community learn that there are other options reach out to your local community radio station and see if they happen to be looking for a gardening show?

It is easy for me to share the show when I upload it and share to PRN on Monday nights anyway and that is a great way to get the message out there in your local community. Maybe make it your earth day activity this year. Do you have one of those? some kind of earth day new years resolution?


anyway that would be awesome if we could help other people share. I know when I find a new podcast that I have been looking for I am like where have you been all my life

So that’s that if you want your neighbors to also listen just find out what your local community or college radio station is and see if they might be looking for content? 

Education Sites

Next I want to tell you about some education projects you might be interested in for your child, student, nice, nephew, kids classroom etc. 

Rockstar Millennial

I bought several domain names this month, rockstarmillenial.com which is going to showcase the awesome rockstar millennials I have interviewed someday – I think out of my 230 guests so far over 70 of them are millennials and not that I don’t love the baby boomers who raised them or my fellow gen xers its just that they get such a bad rap and well you know what I think so…

anyway I also bought authentic teacher.com and authenticmath.com which are going to be geared towards lessons that common core

Awesome Science Action Club

Awesome Science Action Club

and last I bought Awesome Science Action Club because on March 2nd I went to this training on Birdscouts! and it is awesome. I love the lessons I do them in my classroom. So if you have a student, a niece a nephew, a homeschooler someone who loves science that’s wants to check it out.

pileated woodpecker science action club

Do you like to

  • be outdoors?
  • study science?
  • learn about nature?

Are you interested in becoming a citizen scientist?

Would you like take a local bird count and learn about the birds in your area?

Have you always wondered what an ornithologist does?

If you do you should join Mrs. Beyer’s Awesome Science Action Club!

Become a A Junior Ornithologist

You’ll complete 12 lessons that align with the common core and discover special things that help you identify and recognize birds in your area!

It’s gonna be 12 lessons. You can look at pictures on the computer you can do activities,

I love birds and nature and it aligns with the common core?

Did I talk about what’s growing in my kitchen? I finally had a student plant some arugula and lettuce that’s growing in my window. We planted some things in milk cartons and they sprouted but they died I think they need to have natural light.


What are you starting this year? I’ve been trying to post pictures of Mike and my garden. I’ve been trying to recreate the2018 Garden Journal and Data Keeper it’s gonna be called the 2018 Spring Journal I took out January and February so it’s only $8.95 and will be out pretty quick.

2018 Garden Journal and Data Keeper

The 2018 Garden Journal and Data Keeper is on amazon $12.95

So here’s another math challenge I had for my kids last week.


and last I would like to just plant a little golden seed of my own.

Help Wanted

Im looking for someone to help me with the Organic Gardener Podcast someone to come onto the team

of course it is going to start out very very part time in the beginning because I am someone who believes in paying what you’re worth high wages and also I believe very much that it has to be a listener. Someone who knows the content and believes in our message so if you know someone who is looking to help me with some of the day-to-day, has website experience maybe some social media I would be interested in taking applications or resumes etc. You can email me at organicgardenerpodcast@gmail.com for more details.

I am going to talk to someone about FVCC is going to have an agricultural program for women that I think even has some grant money. We have been having a hard time trying to connect our schedules.

HaPpY SpRiNg! And Let’s Get Growing!

About the author, Jackie Marie

I'm an artist and educator. I live at the "Organic Oasis" with my husband Mike where we practice earth friendly techniques in our garden nestled in the mountains of Montana.

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