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Hey, Green Future Growers. Welcome to Season 4! I'm your host, JackieMarie Beyer. If you're new to the show, I hope you'll subscribe on iTunes for free or follow on your favorite podcast app and let's get growing. Hey everyone this is JackieMarie Beyer, your host here to help inspire you on your journey to create, grow, and enjoy a green, organic oasis. So let's get growing!


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JackieMarie Beyer

I just recorded an interview 407, so that's 407 interviews and another 80 something bonus episodes, I guess, and just rants by me and the YouTube with Pattis girl lives of patties and soil, sisters, Saturdays with Aileen Catrone and just some extra bonus episodes, I guess. So over the last seven years, I hope you have enjoyed it. I know you've learned as much as I have, you know, super shout out to it was Maria DeCarlo, right? Who sent me a hundred dollars from my cup of coffee cause she said she was learning so much over in Spain.

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JackieMarie Beyer

I know Aileen has learned a ton. I just know a lot of you have because you've written me on Facebook or emails or however, so for our welcoming episode of season four, I am going to include a survey with just some basic questions. And if you complete the survey, you can win one of two things I hand painted some farmer's market tow bags, kind of like trying to come up with like a logo design or something. I dunno, just so you can get one of my own personal there's a, it's a black, you know, farmer's market bag to take to the farmer's market that will hold lots of vegetables and flowers with a beautiful garden on it.

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JackieMarie Beyer

And our, and it says the GREEN Organic Garden Podcast , or you can win a copy of Jesse Frost's Living Soil Handbook because Chelsea Green sent me an extra copy of that. So that's going to be a gift for a listener or you can win the tote bag and it asks you, do you prefer the book or the tote bag or you're just happy to win something. It's a pretty simple survey. Just like, how did you find the GREEN Organic Garden Podcast? If there's one things you would change about the GREEN Organic Garden Podcasts, would, would it be, what do you love most about thGREEN Organic Garden Podcast? A quick question about the time of the episode, your interviews too long, too short, just right.

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JackieMarie Beyer

I'm not sure how much I can do about that. Is there a topic you'd like to learn more about, you know, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, herbs, landscapes, other there's always places for other, and then just what would you rather win? And then tell me a little bit about you. Give me, I, you know, just your email, your name and your mailing address. And so just trying to do, you know, what can I do to serve you better? So have some great episodes coming up to release that you'll be hearing the next few days. I did a live interview with Bonnie Rose Weaver this week, which hopefully I'm going to get out today.

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JackieMarie Beyer

It is edited and recorded. So it should be good to go. I just have to upload which that does sometimes take a bit of time, but should be able to get that out today for a bonus pre season for kind of episode, where she talks about medicinal herbs and a awesome virtual summit that you might want to partake in where you can learn about growing medicinal herbs. You don't she's in San Francisco, but as we talk about in the interview, there was only, I think one plant that didn't grow here in Montana that grew in San Francisco. So I'm sure there's plants that grow where you live.

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JackieMarie Beyer

What else can I tell you? I talked to this amazing woman, Linda Fritz who designed these, I mean, she wrote a children's book called garden buddies, which is so cute. I, she sent me a copy of it and I think, I hope I have posted my review on Amazon or on Instagram of that. If not, I'll try to get that done, but she also makes these amazing cartons. I saw, I found out about her because I saw it posted in the market farmer success group. Somebody was talking about wanting to split them, but there are a biodegradable way to they're stackable, which is really cool for people who, you know, are at the market or even, you know, you could, I don't know if they do retail buy, you can ask your produce people at your market.

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JackieMarie Beyer

And you might think that they're not gonna listen to you, but you'd be surprised how much influence you really have. If you tell them you hate those stupid plastic clamshells because what'd she say that was something, it was like getting places like Walmart and Albertsons and different grocery stores. I mean, they sell like commercially and you'd be surprised how Walmart has a say in what your farmers are going to sell. So tell your produce people. I don't want to have to buy these stupid plastic clamshells and that will help Linda's business get these awesome cardboard containers into the supermarkets. And she also has like, I think some crates and things for market partners.

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JackieMarie Beyer

She was on my show at the beginning of the year. And we talked about well, we talked about, he just wrote a book about fig. So I think you'll like that. But SBA and I just got a bunch of his books out of the library is a form of like how and petting harvester talked about this. When we were doing the girl live last summer, it's kind of like helping you make space in your garden by since like having a fruit tree or a Vining plant or something like grow up kind of against a wall and kind of finding out and spreading it out and getting it to grow more verdict. CLI who else have I talked to already this year?

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JackieMarie Beyer

Okay. I had to go back and see who did all I talked to. So yesterday I talked to Emily Murphy from who wrote this amazing book grow. Now go beyond organic. Rewild your land sequester carbon support diversity, how we can save our health communities and planet one garden at a time, I mean is just a beautiful book. It was illustrated by just following her on Instagram yesterday. It was illustrated by Rachel Victoria hella. So Ella, Emily Murphy took all the photographs, but Rachel did the tryings and they're just, it is just a beautiful garden book. And I know it's really made for our audience.

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JackieMarie Beyer

I didn't get the book until after we were done with the interview. But one of the things I love is she's got 15 easy ways to increase your en que, which is your nature. Quotion number one, keep a bird book and binoculars by the window, grow three new herbs in your kitchen or your patio, composting your kitchen scraps and yard waste. Propagating a house plant growing mushrooms, committing to only using organic fertilizers. Following the sun, filling window boxes and planers with flowers and leafy greens. You've never planted before. Cutting homemade bouquets soil test. There's adding a new pollinator friendly bed, just 15 greed ideas there that I just love.

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JackieMarie Beyer

It's got awesome illustrations on regenerative, gardening simplified Microsoft. that help you really understand the food web. She's got a diagram for how to make a worm bin. I love this, these tumblers, which I've always thought tumblers were just, I just, they just don't have always bothered me, but I love about these is they're like just right off the ground, they're baby six inches off the ground. She's got these two tumblers in this photo there that makes it seem doable to me. They seem like things that you could actually manage. So I love her worm bin.

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JackieMarie Beyer

I want to build one of these from my mom's show bad. It's like the plastic worm bin that I bought. It's. I mean, I'm thinking it's made of wood because it is the diagram. It's a drawing, but let's see, it says brick supports and maybe it's got like a plastic storage bin inside, but it's got like wooden. It's just really cool. The way her worm bins diagram. And she talks about she just moved, but she didn't get her warm, been put up at her new place. She managed a garden in San Francisco. I just think you're going to love it. Improve soil was sheet mulching.

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JackieMarie Beyer

It's it's just smelling faults, filling small containers, plants, and people for people and the planet. I mean, she was just such a lovely guest, a woman after my own heart, we just had so much in common. I felt like she was a total soil sister. Just lovely, lovely. And she also has a book called grow what you love and a great shop on her website. I mean, if you want to get there's a Shootist t-shirt and I think it's on sale. It's like a heart full of planets of plants, a heart with all these flowers inside of it. And then at the bottom grow what you love. She's got grow up. Tilt bags and hats.

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JackieMarie Beyer

Who else I talked to? I talked to Stephanie Rose, came back and talked about her new bucket. Again, I just got off the phone with this woman, Zoe Tucker. Oh my goodness. Steal my heart. Zoe Tucker. Not only did she just come up with a new book called the garden we share, which I know you're going to love about a community garden, but she also wrote a book about Gretta Tomberg, which like, I didn't realize I'm so kind of embarrassed. I don't do that much research before we get on the interview, because I do like to have a certain amount of spontaneity I've found when I've done too much research. My interviews are a little bit on the flatter side, but, and, and who would have, you know, I don't know. I just didn't think that she had written a book.

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JackieMarie Beyer

Oh yeah. And there's farmer Jenks. I talked to him. He was a great guest about this Lily that he sharing down in South Carolina. So some great episodes. I will try to get as many of them out as soon as I can. You know, I know a lot of podcasters like to do the drip method where they come out once a week, but I'm always like, if I can get it out, I just want to share them with you as soon as I possibly can. I do want to try to be a lot more connected to you as my guests this year, I felt like last year I get a little disconnected. So this year I'm hoping to get more connected to everybody and stay connected. I've got some great guests lined up. People have been booking my schedule for February and March is getting fuller.

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JackieMarie Beyer

But that being said, listeners, please, if you are a gardener out there and you can share, oh yeah. And what did I just posted about the states that I need? I am in desperate need of people from Delaware, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Nevada, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. If I hit those six, seven states, I will have hit all 50 states. I've had interviews from everywhere, but Delaware, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Nevada, Rhode Island, West Virginia. If you're one of those states where you please do an interview with me and share your garden story with me and with most of all the other listeners out there.

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JackieMarie Beyer

So again, listeners, I hope that you will click on the link and fill out the survey. Just the simple survey so I can serve you better. Tell me be honest. Am I the problem with the green organic garden podcast? You know, I've definitely tried to mute my mic more. So I guess we'll see how successful I was. If people say, Nope, Jackie, you are still the problem or not. You know, what do you want to hear more about? What, what topics did you enjoy and then a little bit about you and what else did I want to know?

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Oh, did you want the Jesse frosh book or do you want the Tupac show? What can I do to serve you better? And here's to season four, seven years of podcasting. I hope you are loving your garden as much as I love mine. I just, I just feel so, so lucky that I found Mike and I we've been happily married now for 28 years, the pandemic's been tough. I'm sure. He's like, when are you ever going to get back out of this house? But I, things are getting better. So I've been painting more and he's always happiest when I'm painting. So that's good.

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JackieMarie Beyer

And I'm excited to get my little greenhouse. I really learned to love that soil blocker last year. So I'm excited to transplant some seedlings. I found that I really enjoy transplanting seedlings and breaking them up once they're coming up, I'm not so big on like the waiting for the seeds to pop out of the ground. I get really impatient, but I do love to see them once they've come up and moving those tiny itty bitty little plants. So I'm looking forward to that this spring. I'm definitely excited to get some lettuce in some, I just got off the phone with Zoe Tucker over in England was talking about growing this. What did she say? Growing cut lettuce. That like comes up in two weeks and it's ready to harvest in four weeks.

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I guess I did plan a little bit of lettuce like that last year in some tubs for that woman, I was growing the food for. And also my rugala that I grew for me. So excited about that stuff side to give it another shot at some herbs, I definitely grew some really good herbs for her last winter and some pots. So excited to grow some more for me this year and just get my flower game on. Definitely not going to try to get rid of any more of our lawn and turn that into flowers. That was just complete failures for me. Last year, the crab grass was coming back as quick as I could.

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JackieMarie Beyer

And also I just felt like that was just taking water away from the plants that, you know, we did. We just have a lot growing and we're really not ready to expand more. And so those places that I tried to, the one place where I put the, some, some flowers I am gonna put, should I just transplant my irises this spring and keep it that's right in front of my greenhouse. But the other bed that I put over by my blueberries in the orchard, that was grass that I tried to turn to flowers last year is definitely going back to grass. That was a, a tragic fail. And the grass just does better in that spot. So big lessons learned there. I mean, there is a, a purpose to a lot of our yard.

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JackieMarie Beyer

It's, it's huge, firebreak it? It doesn't require a lot of water and we need to save that water for the vegetables in the beds that we do have growing. So one of my big lessons that I learned and also just don't take on so much. I, I took on way too much last year. So hope what I can do to serve you. Let me know, fill out that survey when a book or when a tote bag and here's to season four and a great garden this year, I guess that's it have a great day happy 20, 22. Okay. There's one more thing before I put the share with friends in chose.

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JackieMarie Beyer

When you hear this, I beg of you sure. The podcast with a friend in pod-casters paradises Facebook group, the other day, somebody had posted that the number one way people hear about a podcast is from her friend. So every time you hear this, don't just like, roll your eyes and be like, oh, why is Jackie saying that? Like, literally if your friend had gardens, whether they live next door or on the other side, sure. The green, organic garden podcasts with them, if you like it or shared on Facebook or share it somewhere on Instagram or just share way and let other people get the knowledge that we're getting, because it's the only way we're going to get, you know, one of the biggest questions I get is what do I do about my neighbors?

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Get this on community, radio, your community radio, get them to carry it. They are perfectly willing to carry it. I'm perfectly willing to share it for free, you know, the more people that's how I got in PRN. So when you hear the share with friends outro, don't tune out, go ahead and share it with a friend. Thanks everybody. Do you know someone who would benefit from the organic gardener podcast? If you like, what you hear? We'd love it. If you chaired the GREEN Organic Garden Podcastt with a friend, thanks again for listening. And remember.

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