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IDK how it is I don’t have an actual page on the Organic Gardener Podcast sharing this but I guess I don’t after searching my site for like an hour this morning.

Just some of the Rockstar Millennials I have interviewed these last few years! LOVE EM!!!

What is a rockstar millennial you ask?

The millennial generation is one of the most misunderstood generations I know.

One of my listeners actually sent me a little video bashing millennials and said every time I hear you say Rockstar Millennial, I think of this song. It’s a parody set to the Beattles Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da song. The funny thing is I feel like it represents my generation more then anything, a bunch of kids who were introduced to Sesame Street and have been addicted to screens ever since.

Anyway, I created my own version of the song and then thought I should write this book highlighting the amazing millennials I have interviewed on my show that are doing everything they can to be the best parents, hardest working community members and most of all strongest stewards of our earth they can be.

The stories on the next page are about the generation of kids born starting in 1980-1995.

In this book you’ll hear about millennials who are doctors, nutritionists, app developers, organic landscapers, market farmers, farm managers, biologists, research assistants, flower farmers, writers, country singers, environmental flimographers, fitness coaches, marathon runners, veterans, athletes, educators, botanists, professional chefs, college professors, moms, master gardeners, peace corps volunteers, nurses, and entrepreneurs that will inspire you with their hard work and dedication to family, friends and the planet.

And you might even learn how to grow some of your own food too!

Gotta Love Millennials Lyrics

Gotta Love Millennials

They expect their technology to work and they want it on the go…

Gotta Love Millennials

they want their food nice and they want it to be made of healthy foods
they want their kids to be just as healthy

Gotta Love Millennials
Gotta Love Millennials

they want to see the world, have adventures
and their gonna bring the family
they want to go with their kids and they might bring along mom or dad

Gotta Love Millennials

they like to be social and share their thoughts
and when they shop they go with their friends, they trust them and they wan tot know what do they use for fun ~
to clean and to decorate and to buy
and when they make a purchase they want their friends opinions

Gotta Love Millennials

they were born in 1980-1995 now they are about 22-37 (24-39 now)

Gotta Love Millennials

When they shop they want to know that you use ethical practices
You’re using solar panels and wind and they are gonna recycle along

Your workers are treated to fair wages and they follow fair trade practices
They like social and responsible companies that are open and transparent
No more secrets no more slave labor for them, they believe in human rights
They are loyal they like the causes the millennials born from those baby boomers

Gotta Love Millennials
Gotta Love Millennials


Gotta Love Millennials

i can’t wait until one of them becomes our president!

Gotta Love Millennials


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I'm an artist and educator. I live at the "Organic Oasis" with my husband Mike where we practice earth friendly techniques in our garden nestled in the mountains of Montana.

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