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replay of episode 81. Tess Burzynski | Growing Organic Mushrooms | Detroit, Michigan

This replay was spurred by my talk with MIUFI founder Tyson Gersh this week. Plus I’ve had a lot of listeners ask about mushrooms. Jamie Todek from episode 72 introduced me to Tess Burzynski who is going to talk to us about growing organic mushrooms!

Replay of 34: Mike Lewis | Growing Warriors and the Kentucky Hemp Project | Rockcastle County, Kentucky

I thought I would replay my interview with Mike Lewis for Memorial Day. This veteran is helping other vets learn how to farm and grow hemp and improving lives and the soil.

Replay of 63: Montana Wildlife Gardener | David Schmetterling | Missoula, MT

David Schmetterling is a wildlife biologist living in Missoula Montana who has created a wildlife garden on a small city lot. Using only native plants David and his wife have created a natural landscape that is home to countless birds, butterflies, and other insects that needs no water or irrigation other then the vegetables they grow in their greenhouse and beds. This amazing interview shares David’s passion and knowledge for growing a place that is an extension of home and lifestyle that is enjoyable and sustainable! Check out his blog at the Montana Wildlife Gardener to learn more about his amazing educational garden and yard. Originally published Jul 20, 2015

102. Richard Wiswall | Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook | Cate Farm | Plainfield, VT

He’s manger of the Cate Farm a family owned and operated organic farm in Central Vermont that includes 22 acres and seven 100-foot long greenhouses of organic vegetables, medicinal herbs, and flowers.

99. Ron Hanson Returns | Fair Judge | Eureka, MT

Ron Hanson is here to share tips about how to select entries for the fair, but he shares some successful growing tips you won’t want to miss as well. See full show notes at