Winner of the Independent Homestead Book!

Independent Farmstead Book Winner

Independent Farmstead

It’s April 29th 2017 and I am going to announce the winner of the book

The Independent Farmstead

 The Independent Farmstead: Growing Soil, Biodiversity, and Nutrient-Dense Food with Grassfed Animals and Intensive Pasture Management

And the winner is: Vicki from the Website Vicki’s Garden Tips in Beautiful Idaho!

Shawn and Beth Dougherty wrote this amazing and informative book that teaches how to reclaim the soil and grow nutrient dense food using intensive pasture management to feed livestock while replenishing the land.  From Texas they moved to Ohio where they raised 8 children! They talk about how you can run a successful farm while caring for your health and growing nutritious food.

One of my big takeaways was when Beth explained the incredible theory of


If you have a dairy cow all of  sudden you have a method of turning your principal sunlight capture that’s grass into all kinds of nutrients that are available all over the farm

I hope you all got a chance to watch or participate in 350.orgs climate march today or check out the Scientist March last week on Earth Day!

School’s almost out and I’m excited to get back to podcasting this summer. I still have some wonderful episodes in the bank I can’t hardly wait to get out there. 36 school days left I think?! Maybe 33?

Soon! Thanks for listening and let’s get growing!

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I'm an artist and educator. I live at the "Organic Oasis" with my husband Mike where we practice earth friendly techniques in our garden nestled in the mountains of Montana.

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