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Replay of Episode 48: Nancy Oliver | Little Homestead in Boise blog | Boise, ID


Another great interview I did in May 2015 I talk about this interview in a recent interview I don’t think I’ve posted yet but you’ll be hearing soon from Listener and fellow Idahoan Vicki Henderson so I hope you enjoy this.

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Replay 142. Cruelty Free Living and Organic Farmer | Seaview Cottage | Kim Romeril | Dunedin, New Zealand

Sophie Piglet

My interview with Kim was originally published May 30, 2016 but has consistently been downloaded and since we seem to be talking a lot about cruelty free living these days I thought I would replay it for new listeners and others to enjoy again! From Townie to Organic Farmer – Transitioning from Urban to Rural Lifestyle! From the other side of the world in New Zealand meet Kim Romeril from the Seaview Cottage! Read more about cruelty free living at

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218. Organic Mosquito Control | Brown Bread Mozzie Kit Company| Brandi Stupica | Alma, Michigan

Brown Bread Mozzie Mosquito Control Kit

I am super excited to introduce a forward thinking entrepreneurial visionary who is here to tell us about a problem that you have probably had or know someone who has had from the Brown Bread Mozzie Kit Company. And Bonus she’s a Rockstar Millenial!

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216. Seeding Square | Jennifer Pratt | BC Canada

Seeding Square Group Plant

Here’s the RAW episode of my interview with innovative Seeding Square inventor Jennifer Pratt! I edited while driving today so the show notes are a bit raw to say the least. And I cut out a few major mess-ups in the audio but other then that it’s just live!

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