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Gardening Crossfit Hall of Famer Joe The Mason

Joe The Mason started out as a listener who connected with me on Facebook and I was able to convince to come on as a guest! He shares some amazing knowledge for a new gardener, but because he is both inquisitive AND a man of action he has taken some great advice from the experts at the local University of Maine, applied them with gusto and is quickly becoming a master gardener in his own right!

28: Kelly Ware | Permaculture Global | Bigfork, MT

Kelly took her PDC, permaculture design course in 98 with CRMPI Central Rocky Mountain Perm. institute, and also with Michael Pilarski. Kelly has been a constant podcast listener for the last 2.5 years starting with Paul Wheaton of, Scott Mann of (Of which I have an interview with him Feb of 2014 on permaculture and the Kingdom,-Christianity) with Jill Cloutier.…